3 ways to increase engagement in your training sessions

Ben Waugh
by Ben Waugh


2. Development of feedback


3. Authenticity and Honesty 

Your trainees should be able to put forward their honest views on subjects. Creating a transparent environment in your training session will allow them to do this and encourage them to share their own experiences. Essentially, you are empowering your trainees and facilitating peer-to-peer discussion. 

Authentic and genuine stories allow people to relate to these experiences and share any problems or successes that they have achieved in their worklife. Trainees will tend to be more engaged and inspired by the sharing of real-life stories. Your employees will also feel more appreciated and valued by having their voices and stories heard. 

Creating a safe environment for people to trust each other will increase the collaboration in your training session. Sharing personal experiences in front of an audience can be daunting for some. This is where a digital platform like Meetoo can enable people to contribute ideas or opinions anonymously, without the fear of embarrasement or repurcussions of sharing a different view. This can then be moderated by the facilitator of the training session to make sure that all the questions or points raised are suitable for discussion. The facilitator should manage the flow of discussion and bring each discussion round to a conclusion or summary of key points. 


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