Common FAQs

Getting Started & Polling

How do I create my first session? 

Once logged in to your dashboard. Press the + New button and submit a name for your session, then click 'add'.  Your session will be created and will be defaulted to anonymous mode. This means that your participants will not be required to submit a profile name to participate in your session. For more information about managing sessions and getting started, see here


How do I invite participants to join my session?

Once your session has been created, you can then invite people to join. In the meeting list, find your particular session and press the invite button. This will open a draft email invitation in your mail client with details of how to join Vevox.  Add the emails of the participants, then you are ready to send this email to them to let them know the upcoming Vevox session details. Alternatively just display the joining instructions as people enter your session, it’s really quick to join a Vevox, find out more here

How do I create my first poll? 

First, make sure you are in a meeting session by clicking the 'meeting title'. If you need to create a new one - see 'how do I create my first session?' FAQ above.

Once in your session, you need to select 'Polls' from the navigation menu and press + New button. Then enter the question or title of your poll and select the type of poll you want to create. If applicable, enter the choices for the poll and then press 'add' to save your poll. If the session is in 'started mode' you now run the live poll with your participants. 
Note: When you first setup your Vevox account we have a 'run your first poll' tutorial that happens automatically and can be found in the top navigation toolbar, press '?' icon, then press 'Vevox training' and it is the top suggestion to re-run it.

Pricing & Accounts

What does a free account give me? Does it stay free forever?

A free Business Account gives you limited access to live polling and Q&A for use of up to 10 participants. While an Education Account gives you up to 100 participants. However, other features such as surveys, wordcloud, open-text polls and more are exclusive to paid plans only. See all plans and what is included here. Your free account will remain free forever. 

Can I share log-in details with other users?

We highly advise users not to share credentials due to security risks and data protection reasons. If you would like to invite additional admin users to your Vevox account, please contact us and we will help you.  

Can I run two Vevox sessions at the same time? 

This is possible to do so. If you're interested in running concurrent sessions, please contact us and we will provide more details and help you with this.  

Downloading Reports

Where do I go to download my session report?

After you have finished your Vevox session you'll want to view your data report. This can all be downloaded in a spreadsheet. To access this report: go to Data from the navigation menu, then press the Download Report button. The report will be saved to your default download location on your device. 

More articles can be found in our help center with short video tutorials explaining the instructions visually. 


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  Technical Requirements

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