Cvent & Vevox

A powerful partnership!

Why Vevox?

Vevox is the highest independently rated audience engagement app on the market. From large conferences and events to town hall meetings, Vevox gives everyone a voice. Quick to set up and easy to use, Vevox allows meeting organisers to collect honest, uninhibited feedback through live-polling and Q&A, with optional moderation and anonymity settings. Vevox runs via web dashboard or PowerPoint integration.

Vevox & Cvent - Partnership and Integrations

Cvent is now able to offer a seemless, single sign on, dynamic URL integration of Vevox within the CrowdCompass App.

An integration is also available within the Quickmobile app where it is known as 'Live Insights'


How does the dynamic URL integration work?

Planners can use a dynamic URL to provide attendees with seamless access to Vevox for live polling and Q&A (or other personalized web pages from third-party supliers), directly from the CrowdCompass app. Contact the CrowdCompass product managers if you have questions about Vevox or setting this up.

How do I set up a dynamic URL integration?

1. Contact Vevox to request a base link from Vevox to your Crowdcompass app. This is the customizable URL that will allow each attendee to submit indivudual responses through their own unique webpage.
2. Follow the instructions in the 'For Third-Party Platforms' section of the 'Creating Dynamic Links' page in the Cvent community site.

What is Single Sign On?

Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications. Using the dynamic URL means that first name, last name, email address and meeting/session ID are carried through seemlessly from CrowdCompass to Vevox.


How much does Vevox cost? 

Planners buy licenses directly from based on a single event (7 day) or annual subscription basis. For more information see the Vevox pricing page. 

'Live insights' licenses for Quickmobile apps are purchased directly through Cvent.

How do delegates access Vevox?

Delegates simply choose 'Polling and Q&A' within their CrowdCompass app.
To use Vevox independently of an event app participants simply go to and enter the unique meeting ID they will be provided with.