How Vevox's Wordcloud and Survey features are supporting learning...

In a university study conducted by UCLan, 98% of students surveyed said they would welcome more quiz based learning in class.

2017 saw the introduction of our survey feature which has allowed educators more freedom to create quizzes and get student feedback quickly and easily. The survey feature allows lecturers to run multiple polls in sequence and students can respond to these questions in any order and in their own time on their chosen mobile device.

UCL's Engineering faculty have seen impressive results using Vevox surveys to conduct student peer reviews throughout their engineering programme.

Getting a real-time, instant view of student's understanding can be a challenge, particularly in larger classes. Seeing the collective crowd-sourced result using a wordcloud poll has a powerful impact for both lecturers and students with 92% of students expressing that their understanding has been improved by using Vevox.

Vevox has the capacity to encourage even the shyest students to participate, so what could you do with Vevox?

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A free education account includes the features of live polling, Q&A and can be used up to a maximum of 100 students per lecture. No credit card or commitment is necessary. 

If you have more students or require one of the paid features, you’ll be able to switch to a plan that suits your needs once you’ve signed up.

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Upgrade your account in your dashboard to unlock more features such as surveys, open text polls, star rating polls and wordclouds. Access all the features you desire to increase your student engagement, see more here

If you’re running larger lectures with more students, you can also boost your account capacity to 1500 students, via your dashboard.

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