How Vevox can transform your educational institution?

Student response systems have fast become a popular way to increase engagement and active learning in lectures. Engagement apps like Vevox, that can be downloaded on smartphones or tablets and are accessible via a web browser, are often chosen over physical clickers. This is because a software solution is easier to use, has minimal set up, is cost-effective, easily manageable, always available and many other benefits we'd be happy to discuss further. To find out more about Vevox and the overall benefits the student response system can have on your institution, download our guide

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Why a student response system like Vevox can improve your University lectures?

4 compelling statistics that prove the positive impact of an SRS

This article highlights some of this research that looks at student feedback, as well as quantitative analysis of the effects of an SRS on knowledge retention, active learning and ultimately student success. 

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3 ways an SRS can help increase student retention

Success comes more naturally in the classroom when students enjoy their chosen field of study, feel connected to their studies and feel motivated to learn in lectures and start to see their hard work pay off. Here are 3 ways a student response system (SRS) can help to achieve this.

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University of Chester Increases Participation with Vevox

Dr Neil Pickles, Deputy Head and Senior lecturer at University of Chester, wanted a solution that would engage students and encourage more participation in every lecture. Find out how Vevox helped increase student participation dramatically.

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FREE Account

A free education account includes the features of live polling, Q&A and can be used up to a maximum of 100 students per lecture. No credit card or commitment is necessary. 

If you have more students or require one of the paid features, you’ll be able to switch to a plan that suits your needs once you’ve signed up.

What a Vevox institution plan offers... 

Lecturers can upgrade their account in the dashboard to unlock more features such as surveys, open text polls, wordclouds and more participants. 

However, when it comes to larger accounts with several lecturers wanting to use the Vevox platform our institutional plan is the best fit. Here's why: 

  • Fair pricing (based on active staff usage)
  • Personal Customer Success Manager 
  • Access to support resources 
  • Software deployment support (installing PowerPoint add-in across institution)
  • Session analytics of staff adoption statistics 
  • Scalable features (unlimited polling, Q&A, surveys, multi-user dashboards and more, plus access to new features) 
  • Unlimited sessions with up to 1500 students per session

Interested in our Institutional Plans, contact us at for more information.

  • What other learning technologists have said...


    Will Moindrot, Learning Technologist - Liverpool John Moores University 

    "Very happy with work supporting users of Vevox at our UK HE institution (Liverpool John Moores). Does what staff need it to do with minimal fuss so they can concetrate on teaching. For us it's pure ease in adminstering accounts, in no small part due to dedication and hardwork of the team - a great feature is being kept up to date with new users of our institutional account as they come online so we can have an up to date picture of usage and can better support those staff (and students). They're also really good at taking feedback on board and putting into development new ideas and improvements". 

Michael Wood, Senior Learning Technologist - University of Central Lancashire

"Vevox is a pleasure to use. Students love the mobile functionality and modern styling. Staff love the inclusivity and instant insights. It's a win-win for us". 

Adam Warren, Senior Learning Designer - University of Southampton

"A great tool to support teaching - I've looked at many online voting systems to help my UK university choose a 'student response system', and found that Vevox provided the features that academics use most. The PowerPoint add-in works well and is a real plus. The user interface is simple to understand, so barriers for new users are minimal. Students are able to access Vevox and vote without difficulty using their phones or tablets- and don't need to download an app. I especially like the Q&A feature, which enables students to ask the lecturer questions without raising their hand, and the like feature so that the lecturer can easily see which questions are most popular with the class".