Help your students revise using live polling

With exams on the horizon, everyone’s focus is turning to revision… are your students prepared? Vevox’s live-polling feature can help you to identify your students’ knowledge gaps and plan revision classes around topics that need most attention. With Vevox’s correct answer feature, you can setup practice quizzes in class to test their knowledge, making revision fun, memorable and ultimately more effective.

Vevox is so simple to use! Create polls on the fly using your Vevox dashboard or use an existing PowerPoint slide deck to create polling slides for revision classes in seconds, with our full PowerPoint integration. Run an interactive Q&A session to dive deeper into discussion and let students share their knowledge and learn from each other. Vevox helps to bring revision to life.


Our tips to improve your revision classes

3 ways a SRS can help increase student exam success

Increasing engagement and helping students to retain crucial knowlegde in preparation for exams can be difficult. Here are 3 ways a student response system can help. 

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Increasing student engagement with Vevox

We conducted a student engagement study with 2 of the UK's most well known Universities - Download our infographic to find out what students had to say about using Vevox in class.

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If you don't revise effectively, you shall not pass

The University of Chester's Dr Neil Pickles reveals how he uses interactive quizzes and Vevox to gauge student performance and help with revision.  

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FREE Account

A free education account includes the features of live polling, Q&A and can be used up to a maximum of 100 students per lecture. No credit card or commitment is necessary. 

If you have more students or require one of the paid features, you’ll be able to switch to a plan that suits your needs once you’ve signed up.

Upgrade any time 

Upgrade your account in your dashboard to unlock more features such as surveys, open text polls and wordclouds. Access all the features you desire to increase your student engagement, see more here

If you’re running larger lectures with more students, you can also boost your account capacity to 1500 students, via your dashboard.