The award-winning polling and Q&A app that is transforming live learning

Vevox is the highest independently rated voting system and interactive learning apps out there to get instant feedback and insights from your students... just read our reviews.

Understanding the progression of your students can be a challenge for educators but interactive learning is key to student success. The student engagement app, Vevox, allows you to clearly gauge how much your students have learnt in the moment and instantly identify what topics need to be clarified.

Vevox has the capacity to capture instant, anonymous feedback which encourages even the shyest students to participate in lectures and to give their feedback. Engage your students through multiple choice quizzes, crowdsource their ideas, run an anonymous Q&A to ensure students have an uninhibitied and unrestricted way to voice their ideas, questions or answers.

Students can vote and ask their questions all from their own deivces, be that a smartphone, tablet or laptop. They can either download the Vevox app via their app store or use the web app. Let everyone have a voice in your classes. 

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FREE Account

A free education account includes the features of live polling, Q&A and can be used up to a maximum of 100 students per lecture. No credit card or commitment is necessary. 

If you have more students or require one of the paid features, you’ll be able to switch to a plan that suits your needs once you’ve signed up.

Upgrade any time 

Upgrade your account in your dashboard to unlock more interactive features such as surveys and open text polls. Access all the features you desire to increase your student engagement, see more here

If you’re running larger lectures with more students, you can also boost your account capacity to 1500 students, via your dashboard.

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