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Vevox offers moderation settings enabling you to have greater control over the content that your participants can see. By turning moderation on you can review any questions that are sent in via the Q&A board.

From this you can decide which questions you want to be hidden or published. Run your session at your own pace and keep track of any questions or responses so you can avoid any unwanted or disruptive messages. 

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More about moderation settings


Prevent any profanity or unwanted comments from being displayed in your Q&A by turning moderation on. If you're running Vevox for the first time this might give you that extra peace of mind. 

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Group Discussion

Review all comments or messages sent in to your session. Decide which ones you want to publish or hide from your participants view, making it a lot easier to track your session content. 

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The wordcloud in Vevox has an automatic profanity filter which means that you avoid any bad language from being displayed on your wordcloud and prevent text responses from being shown to your audience. 

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