Europe's leading HR Analyst conduct valuable user group research with the help of Vevox

Fosway Group is Europe’s #1 HR Analyst, focused on Next Gen HR, Talent and Learning. Founded in 1996, Fosway is known for its unique European research and independent view of the market. Working with leading corporate organisations, Fosway provides insight and advice and acts as a critical friend, helping clients cut through the market hype and tackle challenges including HR transformation and adopting digital learning.
Its analysts are invited to speak all over the world, including public conferences, corporate workshops and seminars, vendor events and its own unique roundtable sessions.

The challenge – Finding a tool to engage users during presentations whilst travelling light around Europe

Working with clients across Europe, and delivering talks at events worldwide, Fosway needed a flexible and scalable, multi-purpose tool to obtain feedback - particularly during two-way client user group sessions. But also, an audience engagement solution that could be used for live polling and to facilitate Q&As at large conferences to drive interaction and provoke wider open discussions. With the need to travel light as a key consideration, hardware needed to be kept to a minimum and the chosen platform needed to be quick and easy to set up and use for Fosway analysts and session attendees.

The solution – A familiar interface offering live feedback and data capture

The Fosway team discovered Vevox when looking for an interactive feedback tool for a client user group session of approximately 50 people, held in Brussels. As Vevox offers a software-based Q&A and live polling solution with a handy mobile app, participant feedback and reporting was made easy. Client feedback showed that the use of a mobile app for polling during the session increased engagement compared to just asking for a show of hands.

Learning Tech Forum - Vevox Polling App

Following the success of the client user group, Fosway chose to use Vevox again at its roundtable session at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum held in London. As the strategic research partner of this well-established industry leading event, Fosway held a lunchtime roundtable to engage and interact with learning and development professionals.

With over 70 attendees registered, this session was aimed at:

  • -gauging attendee knowledge and experience on selecting digital learning systems,

  • -facilitating industry peers learning from those experiences and

  • -sharing Fosway’s research

Using Vevox’s Microsoft PowerPoint add-in with native integration, Fosway was able to design its polling session using a familiar interface in minimal time, therefore maximising time available for other logistical considerations during the lead up to the event. With no bulky or expensive extra equipment to carry, the Fosway team could set up and run their session with ease.

Live poll in Fosway Meeting - Vevox Case StudySpeaking about the session, David Perring, Director of Research at Fosway explained, “The use of live-polling was a useful addition to the roundtable session. It was an opportunity for people to share and get quantifiable feedback about how their thoughts matched up to others in the discussion. Everyone's voice was visible in real time and that helped fuel a deeper debate”.

The results – Instant answers that drive conversations

Feedback on the Learning Technologies event including posts from social media, showed that the use of polling using Vevox added another dimension to the roundtable and kept the audience participating and engaged throughout. Vevox reports are also a useful resource for companies using polls in user feedback groups as they offer a ‘temperature check’ at a given moment in time, without the need to spend hours creating a report manually.

Fiona Leteney, Senior Analyst at Fosway adds, “As research is a focus of Fosway’s work, the session data available immediately from the Vevox dashboard is highly valuable, not only for discussions during the session but also for longer term use. We are responsible for producing industry surveys and reports so this feedback supplements our existing data and helps in creating these resources. Ultimately highlighting industry trends, as well as knowledge gaps and areas for improvement for vendors to develop their products in line with evolving needs”.

Fiona continues, “Whether at large events such as Learning Technologies or at a smaller client user group session, Vevox provides Fosway with a flexible and simple tool, requiring minimal set up or training but offering tangible benefits. The YouTube channel provided me with the training to get up to speed quickly, giving me the confidence to use this new tool for the first time in front of a live audience. Also, the Vevox customer success team were always contactable to answer any queries”.

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