University of Southampton: Why the School of Health Sciences uses Vevox

The University of Southampton is ranked among the top 100 of universities globally and is a research-led founding member of the prestigious Russell Group. Previously the University was using 'clicker' voting handsets in lectures for student engagement, however they switched to the digital student response system of Vevox. Since, lecturers from different faculties and courses have found that the digital system is a lot easier to use because there is less to setup, no physical hardware to carry and to maintain. Students can also access a native or web app on their own personal mobile device, tablet or laptop to take part not only in voting, but in Q&A and surveys as well.  

James Wilson, Teaching Fellow at University of Southampton says: "I think there are a number of reasons why the University has adopted the Vevox system. The sheer flexibility of the system allows teachers to get different points across to their students and to encourage dialogue". 

The Health Sciences Faculty have been using Vevox to engage students and connect them with patient cases to provide a more in-depth and engaging learning experience. By utilising the anonymous Q&A they have allowed students of all confidence levels to get involved and speak freely to voice and share their own views. The Q&A has also helped in opening a two-way dialogue and in creating a much more interactive discussion, so students all feel part of the learning experience during these healthcare workshops. When students feel part of the conversation and engaged in the subject matter through live polls or Q&A they are much more likely to retain knowledge. 

James Wilson elaborates on this by saying: "I think it also gives students confidence because when they are able to answer questions correctly within a lecture about knowledge that has just been given to them, then it gives them a sense of achievement and allows the lecturer to know if they have pitched the teaching content at the right level".  

Watch the video below to hear from James Wilson, a teaching fellow at University of Southampton, explaining how Vevox helps students to engage in lectures and to create a collaborative discussion. 


The University of Southampton is ranked among the top 100 of universities globally and is a research-led founding member of the prestigious Russell Group

Find out in this case study how Vevox has helped the teaching staff at the Health Sciences Faculty create a better learning experience for healthcare students.