Effective ways to maximise collaboration & inclusivity in MS Teams meetings

Online Webinar

Vevox are proud to announce the launch of their new MS Teams integration. We're finding that many organisations are looking at ways to help drive more social interactions in an online and remote world of work.

Join our 30 minute webinar to find out how Vevox, combined with MS teams can be used to...

  • Improve levels of engagement and provide an equal voice for all during internal meetings of 10 or more attendees enabling a greater sense of community 
  • Provide a solution that drives effective collaboration, inclusivity and action planning during internal meetings 
  • Enable participants to openly share their views and provide anonymous feedback in meetings
  • Enhance the meeting experience through host controls to keep the conversation on track 
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Event Details

  • Location
    Online Webinar
  • Date
    30 minute webinar at 2pm, 3rd February 2021.