Empowering Students: Using technologies in the co-creation of assessment

Online Webinar

In this webinar, Nicholas Botfield from the University of Bedfordshire will describe a small piece of action research which used student response systems, a virtual learning environment, synchronous word processing software, and video-conferencing technology to facilitate the co-creation of a post-graduate summative assessment on a blended learning course.

This presentation will aim to give participants an opportunity to:
  1. Gain an insight into how technology can be used to empower both students and staff when embarking on co-creating an assessment
  2. Take part in a small co-creation activity using technology
  3. Consider the potential pitfalls and opportunities of using technology to co-create assessments
  4. Investigate preliminary results of a study into student attitudes and perceptions of using technology to co-create assessments.


Event Details

  • Location
    Online Webinar
  • Date
    12pm GMT 28th November 2017