How to ace live polling and Q&A at your large eventsĀ and conferences

Online Webinar

Multiple streams, large audiences, WiFi connectivity and numerous stakeholders all up the pressure for organisers at larger meetings and conferences. Technology is now essential from event management through to audience engagement, but how do you ensure peace of mind that it’s all going to deliver on the day?

During this 20 minute webinar, we will share:

  • Practical tips for maximising the value of Vevox and ensuring success 
  • How a self-service tool like Vevox can benefit from additional professional services 
  • How to guarantee audience engagement and satisfaction

Webinar Hosts 


 Dermott Madden                                                 Chris Elmitt
 Customer Success Manager, Vevox                 Managing Director, Crystal Interactive

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Event Details

  • Location
    Online Webinar
  • Date
    11am (BST/UTC+1), 28th June 2017