PowerPoint Polling slides for your Icebreaker sessions


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5 ready to use live polling questions to ask students


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PowerPoint Polling & Voting


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The 6 mistakes you're making with your PowerPoint slides


WAIT… before you copy and paste the last slide deck you or one of your colleagues used for a previous presentation (and probably 20 others that went before ...

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How to make your presentations more impactful with the Vevox PowerPoint add-in


Today we’re going to look at how PowerPoint polling can be used to help give your meeting or class focus and direction, and how you can use it to make sur...

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Classic Evaluation Questions - PowerPoint polls


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10 Employee Engagement Questions - PowerPoint polls


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PowerPoint Polling Tips and Advice - Vevox


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Ready to use polling questions for Internal Comms and Town Hall meetings


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4 simple question formats that transform training sessions


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Ready to use Halloween Quiz - PowerPoint Polls


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Ready to use survey for student feedback


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Ready to use conference & event feedback survey


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Ready to use internal comms feedback survey


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Ready to use module evaluation feedback survey


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Ready to use survey: Communication in the workplace


This sur vey was produced by Peninsula.  Peninsula is the UK and Ireland’s most trusted provider of employment law, HR and health & safety serv...

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Ready to use survey: Company Culture


This survey was produced by Peninsula.  Peninsula  is the UK and Ireland’s most trusted provider of employment law, HR and health & safety services, su...

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October Product Update 2019


In our latest product update, due for release on 22 nd October, we’re bringing you some treats (well, it is nearly Halloween) as we unveil new functionalit...

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Info Screen Welcome Message


Use this animated .GIF file to welcome your attendees when they join via the web app or using the Vevox mobile app. This instructional animation is ...

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For Conferences & Events


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Bringing interactive storybooks to life in the classroom


I was thrilled to see Ian Livingstone’s keynote speech at this years’ ALT-C conference* since he has been a leading figure in the UK gaming business si...

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Vevox's Spring Product Update


Can you believe it was only six weeks ago that we introduced our star rating question type in our last product update blog ? Six weeks goes by in a flash, ...

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Back to school with Vevox - EdTech tips


As Autumn starts, anyone in education is anticipating the new academic year. Whether you are deciding how to engage a new group of students, setting learnin...

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Why Vevox’s PowerPoint Polling integration is voted number 1


Live polling and audience Q&A via an app is now commonplace for internal meetings, classes and conferences. Way before smartphones, a combination of ‘cl...

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What is a live word cloud? 7 best word cloud generators…


A word cloud (otherwise known as a tag cloud, wordle or word collage) is a digital image of words that can be displayed in different colours to highligh...

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How to handle tricky colleagues and boost engagement


There are a variety of factors that make for a happy workplace and colleague interactions certainly play a large part. The way people work together in a com...

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12 tips for PowerPoint polling success


PowerPoint polling apps allow anyone to run more engaging, inclusive online presentations and classes in an instant. Here we share our tips collected from...

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Falling out of love… with your audience response system provider?


‘Clickers’ have been around for 20 years, have sold in their millions globally and are now accepted as a basic tool  in many universities, training rooms,...

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PowerPoint Add-in


This add-in is the most powerful polling solution for PowerPoint presentations and integrates seamlessly with Windows operating systems. It’s perfect for hi...

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Top German creative agency, EXPLAIN GmbH, gather staff feedback with Vevox App


Explain GmbH, founded in 2004, is a creative company based in Karlsruhe, Germany. They are Germany’s leading company for professional presentations adap...

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