Technical Requirements & Setup

Wifi Guidelines

You can download our wifi document, which includes a checklist to ensure you have gone through the WiFi setup process. 

The Vevox mobile application generally has low bandwidth requirements, which means that a good mobile data connection can be just as reliable as using a WiFi connection. Live polls increase the bandwidth requirements as everyone will be participating at exactly the same time, which if using WiFi puts a greater load on both the wireless infrastructure and the bandwidth available. It is advisable to establish if the infrastructure can support the required number of ‘active connections’ for your session. 

Once delegates have internet access they may use that bandwidth in unforeseen levels. In order to minimise the risk we recommend arranging dedicated bandwidth when relying on venue WiFi. Many venues will also be able to provide Quality of Service (QoS) configurations to prevent individual delegates ‘hogging’ bandwidth.

Below is a table showing some minimum QoS values for using Vevox effectively within your sessions (It is quite common for attendees to bring more than 1 smart device to meetings. We therefore recommend making an allowance of 1.5 devices per attendee.) : 

Number of Participants  Recommended Bandwidth
  10  0.5 Mbit/s
  50   2 Mbit/s
  100   5 Mbit/s
500  15 Mbit/s
1000  30 Mbit/s 

To check the bandwidth of your venue, use SpeedTest or a similar testing tool. It is best to liaise with the venue to see what they recommend from experience with previous events or your IT department if concerned about connectivity when using Vevox in lectures. Below are some questions to consider ask your venue or IT support:

• How many active device connections can the infrastructure support concurrently?

• Is bandwidth shared across the entire venue?

• Can you set a specific/dedicated SSID (across all my conference locations) for your meeting?

• How much dedicated bandwidth is available for your meeting?

• Based on previous experience, what service level can you guarantee in the conference area and specifically the rooms I am using?

• Is there a Quality of Service configuration to prevent individuals ‘hogging’ bandwidth?

• What is the process for connecting to WiFi? (e.g. password, portal screen, pay walls, time out periods?)


Active device connections – When using live polling, all users will be ‘active’ simultaneously, therefore if all delegates are connected via WiFi, the infrastructure will need to be able to support your maximum number of connections concurrently.

Bandwidth allocation and dedicated SSID – In order to ensure good performance for your meeting, it is recommended that the venue provide a dedicated bandwidth allocation for your meeting and not simply sharing with the entire venue. Having a dedicated SSID (network name) and isolated bandwidth for your meeting will give you a far better experience than usual publicly available WiFi.

Connection process – Ideally your venue will provide you with a dedicated SSID for your meeting in order for your delegates to connect quickly and easily. We recommend meeting organisers establish what this procedure is and assess whether it is suitable. Where possible, it is advisable to work with a venue to disable any complicated procedures or time-out protocols in order to allow for a successful user experience. To avoid issues occurring, we recommend checking the connectivity of control devices at all available opportunities.

Other useful technical information

Network Security Settings 

Download our whitelisting guide for all information on accessing Vevox. 

A company or university network can sometimes have security settings that will restrict certain connections from you being able to use Vevox. If you're experiencing issues accessing the control dashboard from your computer network, please either contact us or send the following information to your IT support team to whitelist the following domains:

Please note: Your network and browser platforms will need to support websockets over secure https.

PowerPoint Add-in 

If you're trying to access our PowerPoint add-in, more information on system requirements can be found here

Recommended browser platforms for the Vevox Control Dashboard:

PC Users
The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer & Edge.

Mac Users
The latest versions of Safari, Chrome or FireFox. 

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