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Our piloting scheme is a trial period that allows your University lecturers to evaluate Vevox and measure the interest of teachers and students for the tool. We're rated #1 for support and will help you throughout the entire process and provide the necessary resources and training to help you make classes more interactive with Vevox. 

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The benefits of our pilot scheme

Rated #1 by universities around the world 

A trusted trial and support team 

We ensure that the university receives expert guidance and assistance throughout the trial period, maximizing the utilization of Vevox's features and functionalities. The availability of timely support enhances the user experience for both professors and students, minimizing any technical issues and ensuring smooth implementation. Additionally, partnering with a trusted company guarantees reliability, security, and data privacy, which are of utmost importance when adopting a new technology platform. 


No cost or commitment

The pilot scheme allows a university to explore the features and capabilities of Vevox without incurring any financial burden. The trial period allows for flexibility in experimenting with different functionalities and gathering feedback from both professors and students. Ultimately, this no-cost trial period empowers the university to make informed decisions about the potential adoption of Vevox as a valuable teaching and learning tool.


Unlimited Vevox Usage

The trial allows for thorough exploration and utilization of Vevox's features without any restrictions. Professors can engage students in interactive activities and gather valuable feedback throughout the trial period, maximizing the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of Vevox in enhancing classroom engagement and participation. Unlimited usage also enables the university to get a comprehensive understanding of Vevox's potential impact across various courses and disciplines, making informed decisions about its potential long-term adoption as a powerful teaching tool/ 


Integrate with your whole technology suite

The implementation of your LMS and chosen integrations allows you to try Vevox in the real situations that your teachers and students are using technology everyday. The expertise and experience of our team will contribute to a seamless integration of Vevox into the university's existing systems and processes. 


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