Make your class the talk of campus

Vevox is a student response system that helps encourage students to participate, discuss and learn. Captivate your class with a topical live poll or perhaps even a controversial Q&A to spark interesting discussions. Downloadable as an app on their smartphone or accessible on their web browser, students will never want to miss your class again when you start using Vevox!

With its moderated Q&A and anonymity option, you can encourage even the shyest of students to voice their opinions and join in. And what’s more, you can test how much your students have remembered with our correct answer feature and get feedback from your class with Vevox surveys. 

Why Vevox?

Our tips to improve your student engagement

6 Top Tips for Unmissable Classes

Student participation increases knowledge retention and makes lectures more memorable. Read our 6 top tips for unmissable classes and how to increase engagement.

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Vevox breaks down barriers in Education

In this guest blog, Dr Emily Farrow from the Royal Free Hospital explains how the use of Vevox has positively influenced the teaching and learning experience in medical education.

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Give every student a voice with Vevox

Watch our short video to understand how Vevox gives every student a voice and how the features of Vevox can help increase your student engagement.

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