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Instant audience feedback

Create and publish live polls in seconds and discover what your audience really think. Participants can vote instantly on their smartphone and laptops with results displayed in real-time.

Get everyone talking

From large conferences and events to employee town halls and all hands meetings, Vevox Q&A lets everyone discuss ideas and share suggestions. Every opinion counts - switch to anonymous mode for real-time, honest and uninhibited feedback.

Make it your own

Customise Vevox to reflect your brand. Why not add your logo, image or text of your choice? Perfect for promoting partnerships or giving participants additional information, use the info screen to make it your own.

PowerPoint Integration

Seamless PowerPoint integration means there's no complex software to install. Create polls in advance natively in your slide deck or edit on the fly as your session unfolds. Display poll results live and get access to this data in your post event report with the click of a button.

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Moderation and Anonymity

Session hosts remain in complete control with Vevox's optional moderation setting, ideal for Q&A and panel discussions. Give everyone a voice and get uninhibited feedback from your participants by turning on anonymous mode. 

Can a polling app transform internal comms?


Use it anywhere, on any device

If you've got access to the web, you've got access to Vevox. Participants can join a Vevox session anywhere, anytime. Whether your running internal meetings or global conferences, Vevox is reliable and scaleable. Our biggest session to date is 150,000 attendees...

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"We’ve become instant advocates of Vevox. From a commercial perspective, we now have a differentiator we can offer without the need for additional on-site staff or equipment. Vevox has enabled us to provide insights and audience participation without adding to the cost of the meeting.” 

Mark Chapman, Director at Inceptive Technical

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