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Make learning fun, engaging and effective

Make learning fun, engaging and effective

Increase knowledge retention with polls, quizzes and Q&A

  • #1 rated polling platform by universities all around the world 
  • Easy-to-use tool that integrates with your technology suite including LMS platforms 
  • Best features & support to create inclusive and engaging classes

Live polling

Run live polls to get instant feedback from your students and to understand what they are thinking or feeling. No matter the context or theme, tailor the ideal poll effortlessly with our diverse assortment of polling options, including multiple choice, image polls, numeric and word cloud polls. 



Engage and inspire your students with an interactive live quiz with Vevox. With its advanced AI features, crafting a quiz becomes effortless. Creating an energetic learning environment that students won't forget becomes a breeze with real-time quizzes. Foster a sense of healthy rivalry and keep students engaged with the use of leaderboards and time-limited questions, ensuring a lively and focused classroom atmosphere.


Live word clouds

Incorporate live word clouds into your educational activities to kickstart dynamic discussions, guide brainstorming sessions or assess student knowledge retention. By utilizing Vevox’s live word clouds in your instruction, you’re creating a vibrant and inclusive space that sparks creativity and fosters learning.



Spark dynamic dialogues and stimulate interactive engagement in your learning environment with Vevox's Q&A feature. Whether it's breaking down complex subjects or encouraging group learning, Vevox enables students to quickly and easily ask questions. Additionally, the option for anonymity means all participants, no matter their confidence level, can express their thoughts and questions without reserve, making sure each voice is heard and valued.


And more!

Dive into a suite of features including real-time feedback surveys, leveraging AI for creating the perfect polls and quizzes, utilizing anonymous participation and analytics for monitoring student engagement. Plus, take advantage of our unparalleled support and comprehensive help resources to ensure your classes are a complete success.  


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Make classes engaging and interactive

  • Trusted platform to increase learning outcomes
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