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Features to make learning unmissable


Live Polling

Real-time Polling

Create and run polls in seconds for your classes and training sessions. It's never been easier to engage and interact students. Whatever the scenario or topic, you can create the perfect poll with our range of different polling types from multiple choice, image polls, numeric and word clouds!

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Interactive Quizzing

Energize and educate your class with a captivating live quiz using Vevox. With its interactive and AI features, Vevox allows you to create a quiz effortlessly and to create a dynamic learning environment that students will remember. Engage your students in friendly competition with leaderboards and timed polls, keeping everyone on their toes.

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Anonymous Q&A 

Spark lively discussions and encourage active participation in your classroom with Q&A . Whether you're addressing a complex topic or introducing collaborative learning, Vevox allows students to ask questions in real-time. By enabling anonymity, Vevox encourages even the shyest students to share their queries without hesitation, giving everyone a chance to be heard and valued.

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Word Cloud

Live Word Clouds

Utilize live word clouds in your learning to initiate discussions, facilitate brainstorming sessions, or gauge student understanding. By incorporating Vevox's live word clouds into your teaching, you can create an inclusive and visually stimulating environment that sparks imagination and encourages collaborative learning.

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Positive Experience

And more! 

You can get more out of Vevox for your unmissable classes and training sessions by using other features such as running live feedback surveys, utilizing AI assistance for creating polls and quizzes, anonymity, moderation, analytics to track participation and results, easy-to-use integrations with all the learning tools you use every day. Don't forget about all our help resources and #1 support that we offer to make your sessions a success. 

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