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Make your next training session less of a presentation and more of a conversation! 

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Live engagement for Workplace Training 

Live engagement for Workplace Training 

Real-time polls, Q&A, quizzes and surveys!

Traditional workplace training sessions can often be one-way presentation, lack interaction and or the live insights  of knowing how much knowledge is being retained. Making your employees actively involved and posing live polls directly to them you can identify gaps in knowledge and understand the level of engagement. Benefits of using Vevox in these sessions: 

  • Test knowledge retention through live polls & quizzes
  • Run icebreaker with polls and word clouds to create the right environments for discussion
  • Identify the most popular questions that want an answers 
  • Crowdsource questions via anonymity to avoid any barriers to participation
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The trusted polling and Q&A for Workplace Training

The no.1 rated polling platform on Trustpilot, G2 and Capterra  

Rated as the no.1 live polling and Q&A app

Rated as the no.1 live polling and Q&A app

The most effective engagement tool for workplace training

Live engagement tools are vital for workplace training sessions. Thousands of well-know companies have used Vevox in training sessions and here's why: 

  • It enables all employees (wherever they are located) to participate within the training session, making it fully hybrid and accessible to all. 
  • Every voice has an equal opportunity to ask questions and voice their views. 
  • Simplicity to utilise and maximum outputs including engagement of employees. You can also quiz employees to test knowledge retention live in the moment.
  • Vevox is the no.1 rated tool for engagement through features like live polling, Q&A and word clouds. 

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The Vevox platform is easy to use and the customer service I've received along the way has been very helpful, prompt and friendly. Great company, would highly recommend to anyone looking to make training or meetings more engaging!

Sadie Learning and OD Coordinator - British Red Cross

Top rated by L&D and Training Managers

with an average score of 4.8 on multiple review platforms.