Simple Surveys

Collect honest feedback with self-paced survey questions. Book a demo to see it in action. 

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Quick and simple

Quick and simple

Accessible on any device

Vevox's survey tool is quick and simple to use and it can help you collect survey data live in-the-moment meaning higher participation rates than using other online feedback tools. Inviting participants is as easy as sending a link! Need inspiration for creating survey questions? Use our AI generator to produce perfect survey questions in seconds. 

Increased response rates

Increased response rates

Maximise survey feedback

Want to gather uninhibited feedback? No problem, simply turn on Vevox's anonymity settings to remove any barriers to giving truly honest feedback. You can even run Vevox surveys in MS Teams to capture feedback in the same platform. 

Intuitive questions types

Intuitive questions types

Versatile and powerful surveys 

Utilise different survey polls such as multiple choice polls, open text, or star ratings to collect quick and meaningful data. 

We had great engagement and huge enthusiasm for the tool - we're already thinking about how we can weave Vevox into our upcoming internal broadcasts. The team at Vevox have been world-class in their professionalism, enthusiasm and communication and really helped us to get up and running.

David - Kellogg Europe

Survey FAQ's

Common questions

Vevox's survey functionality allows participants to be presented with several polls at once and answer them at their own pace. Generally used for feedback either before or at the end of a meeting or class.

No downloads are required. Participants can access the web app on any internet enabled device at or click a link provided by the session organiser.

You can get started with basic Vevox live polls, Q&A and quizzes for free. To use surveys you will need to upgrade, or have access to a paid plan. Sign up for free

With Vevox, you can include a variety of question types in your survey, such as multiple choice, open text, and star ratings. This allows you to collect quick and meaningful data that can help you make informed decisions.

Vevox's live survey tool allows you to collect survey data in real-time, meaning higher participation rates than using other online feedback tools. Inviting participants is as easy as sending a link, and Vevox's anonymity settings can remove any barriers to giving truly honest feedback.

Yes, you can see survey data in real-time with Vevox, allowing you to monitor any feedback trends and truly understand your participants. You can also download an export of the data to analyze and evaluate the feedback further.

Yes, you can make your Vevox surveys truly anonymous, enabling participants to provide honest feedback without any inhibitions. This can help you uncover the truth and real thoughts of participants.

 Yes, Vevox surveys can be imported and exported from one session to another, allowing you to make the most of your survey content without the need to start from scratch each time.

Yes, Vevox allows participants to complete survey questions or quizzes in their own time, and easily answer different question types all from their own device.