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Vevox enables people to contribute quickly and easily, and with confidence. - Nick Jenkins, Wonder Worldwide. 

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Vevox: Making meetings and training unmissable


Learn how Vevox has enabled April Burns to increase engagement and track attendance during client workshops.

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Learn why Celine Kahn, Finance Lead for Microsoft MEA (Middle East & Africa) uses Vevox to track engagement in large meetings.

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Learn about how Deloitte have re-imagined their townhalls using Vevox & helped shape employee to leadership communication.

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See why leading People and Culture Consultant Nick Jenkins feels that using Vevox has “revolutionized” his workshops!

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BSAVA (British Small Animal Veterinary Association)

Learn why BSAVA use Vevox for their annual Congress to engage participants and improve the level of interactivity during sessions.

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Royal College of Physicians

See why the Royal College of Physicians have used Vevox for the past 8 years to increase engagement during meetings and events.

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Learn why Olivia Zhang, Group Finance Operations Director at WPP uses Vevox to boost employee engagement.

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Oxford Instruments

Find out why Oxford Instruments use Vevox in large company meetings to engage employees & ensure great participant interaction.

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NHS Lincolnshire ICB

Learn more about how Silvia & colleagues at NHS Lincolnshire ICB used Vevox to increase engagement.

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Unlocking Effective Communication: A Conversation with The Comms Guru

Learn more about The Comms Guru

What I like the most about Vevox is the fact that you can run polls several times in several meetings, without having to reconstruct the poll.

Celine Kahn Finance Lead - Microsoft

Learn why Webinary uses Vevox when running in-person & hybrid events to allow their clients to increase engagement and interactivity.

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See why the IT team at WPP use Vevox at large scale events to run interactive, engaging polls that boost the efficiency of a session.

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NHS HEE (Health Education England)

Find out why Chris Christou and colleagues at NHS HEE use Vevox to ensure doctors receive engaging, interactive remote learning.

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Learn how UKTV are using Vevox to increase interactivity in team meetings – and see why they’ve given us a 5-star rating!

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Learn why Kirsty Cook, Global Director of Neuro-inclusion services at auticon, saw Vevox as the perfect polling tool.

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Find out why Sprintr, curators of great event tech, partner with Vevox to provide premium audience engagement solutions for their clients.

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GSK: Increasing workforce engagement in meetings and townhalls

Learn about how GSK achieved higher levels of engagement and accountability with transparent communication using Vevox.

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Learn how global energy business, bp, used Vevox to enhance their ‘speak up’ culture to empower employees and leaders.

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Find out how Linklaters, a leading global law firm, are using Vevox to drive employee engagement.

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BCH Police

The Crime Audit Team at BCH Police used Vevox to scope out people's knowledge before and after training sessions.

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Peak AI

Find out how Peak AI have used Vevox to help seamlessly connect the humans behind AI - allowing everyone to contribute freely.

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Aggregate Industries

Find out how Aggregate Industries use Vevox to empower and enable their employees to voice their ideas and feedback.

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TJMaxx & Crowd Insight

Learn how Crowd Insight’s Adam Abrahams has worked with TJ Maxx to provide townhalls that account for ALL employees and their opinions.

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Event Squared

See how the team at Event Squared supported the transition from an in-person to a global, fully virtual conference.

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