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Moving from outdated clicker handsets to using Vevox allowed staff from all over Europe to participate in their comms meetings - Adam, Crowd Insight

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Vevox enhances employee engagement

Peak AI

Richard Ferrar

Peak AI

Peak’s business is continually evolving with technology and allowing the company culture to keep up with the pace is vital. Find out how Vevox helped to connect the humans behind AI .

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Aggregate Industries

James Roberts

Aggregate Industries

Find out how Aggregate Industries use the Vevox app to empower and enable their employees to voice their ideas and feedback in town hall meetings.

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TJMaxx & Crowd Insight

Adam Abrahams

TJ Maxx & Crowd Insight

Learn how Crowd Insight’s Adam Abrahams has worked with TJ Maxx to provide Town hall meetings that account for ALL employees and their opinions, whatever their status or location.

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Maximise collaboration & inclusivity in MS Teams meetings


Vevox helps to include participants who, in an open forum, would sit back and be quiet or not feel comfortable asking questions.

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