One of our core principles at Vevox is to value every voice.  It's where our name derives from and inclusiveness is key part of our mission statement to enable everyone to have an equal voice in the workplace and classroom. 

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Our Commitment to Accessibility 

Accessibility FAQ's

Further information

We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of Vevox. Please contact us at or to provide your feedback and suggestions.

The "Pin on Image" polling type may rely heavily on visual understanding and may not be suitable for all individuals. Consider alternative question types if necessary. 

Despite our best efforts, there may be some limitations to accessibility in Vevox. You can refer to the associated VPAT form for a description of known limitations and potential solutions. If you observe any issues not mentioned, please contact us to address them.

While Vevox allows customization of colors in the participant app, be cautious with color combinations that may not work well together. Stick with the default Vevox theme, which complies with color contrast requirements specified by WCAG, ensuring accessibility for all participants.

If you upload your own images, add descriptive alt text to provide a description of the image for individuals with visual impairments. When using Vevox's stock library images, note that not all images have alt text defined, and you can change it if needed.