Why Enterprise? 

An enterprise plan is perfect for your organisation if you: 

  • Use Vevox company-wide as a business communication tool at town hall presentations, to internal comms meetings and for collecting internal feedback. 
  • Have multiple users that need access and want to run multiple Vevox meetings simultaneously. 
  • Want to save time with simple centralised controls to manage access and permissions across your Vevox account from one dashboard. 
  • Want to increase adoption and participation by customising Vevox with your corporate branding or a white-labelled app so it looks and feels like your own engagement tool. 
  • Enjoy a fair and cost effective pricing structure.
  • Would benefit from a clear view of your account usage through data analytics.  

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Vevox Enterprise Features

A powerful and customized solution to increase employee engagement in your organisation

Multi User Account & Dashboard

With an Enterprise plan, invited users can run concurrent Vevox sessions all from the same account dashboard. No need to negotiate or juggle meeting logistics!

Enterprise-level security

The highest level of monitoring, security and data protection for our customers. We undergo regular penetration tests and are ISO Certified (27001:2013) and GDPR compliant.

Priority & designated support

Vevox Enterprise customers will receive a designated account manager, as well as priority support from our knowledgeable customer success team. 

White-label apps

A fully branded version of the apps for your organisation. Make the Vevox apps your own. 

User management & reporting

Account admins in your organisation can add users to your Vevox account and assign roles with different permissions, offering flexibility for your organisation, whilst you remain in control.

Single Sign On (SSO) authentication

Enable single sign on (SSO) access so your users can access Vevox using their company credentials, such as Office 365 and keep your account secure. That's one less password to remember.

Training & Onboarding

Get all your Vevox users up and running with customized training via webinar or through face to face workshops at your location. 

Preferences & Theming

Enhance engagement and adoption with organisational preferences, per meeting theming and branding. 

Fair Pricing

One size doesn't fit all. We will work with you to create a pricing structure that fits with your organisations requirements. 

  • What Enterprise customers have to say about Vevox...

    Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager - eBay

    "Vevox literally saved my meeting! They called me from the UK within minutes of the start of my meeting, avoiding what would have been a public tragedy. They helped me within minutes and followed up the next day to make sure everything went smoothly AND that I had what I needed for future meetings. I wish all customer service was like this in every sector of everything. Thank you!"

Engagement and IT Trainer - Linklaters

"I absolutely love this product. It has really improved the quality and interactivity of my presentations, allowing me to set up polls in an instant. It also provides great useful data after the session."

Internal Communications Manager - BHP Group

"We use Vevox regularly for our corporate quarterly town halls and smaller monthly supervisor meetings. While our leaders were a little wary at first, they quickly adopted it as a regular component of our Q&A sessions. Most recently Vevox saved our latest Town Hall when the remote locations that had dialled in via VC couldn’t communicate with the host due to audio technical issues. Therefore, the only way we could receive live questions from other locations was via Vevox. Needless to say without Vevox, our remote locations wouldn't have been able to participate in the town hall, and our president would not have been very happy."

How does a Vevox Enterprise plan work?

A Vevox enterprise plan is recommended for organizations that require multi-user access and an enhanced feature set to enable control of user access and account analytics in one centrally managed account.

Pricing is transparent and fair and your plan is tailor made for your organisation, and is based on your selected enterprise features and how many users you need. 

To find out more about our Enterprise plan, book an Enterprise Demo or talk to one of our customer success team

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