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No matter the size of your meeting or setting, Vevox can help spark interaction and create democratic decisions

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Drive democratic decisions & interaction

Drive democratic decisions & interaction

Seamless live polling and Q&A for meetings 

Everyday business meetings can often lack a way to involve all employees and to enable everyone to feel empowered to offer their ideas or questions. By having a tool that allows you to brainstorm, vote on decisions democratically and to have a well-managed discussion it helps you to engage everyone and to hear the most quietest people in the room. 

Benefits of using Vevox in these sessions: 

  • Brainstorm ideas with word clouds polls
  • Run an anonymous Q&A to avoid fear of judgment 
  • Create fast, democratic decisions by running a live poll
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The trusted polling and Q&A for everyday business meetings

The no.1 rated polling platform on Trustpilot, G2 and Capterra  

Rated as the no.1 live polling and Q&A app

Rated as the no.1 live polling and Q&A app

The most effective engagement tool everyday business meetings

Meeting engagement tools like Vevox have become important to creating a truly interactive and inclusive environment for all employees to voice their ideas or questions. 

Vevox is the highest independently rated tool for ensuring this happens through features like live polling, Q&A and real-time word clouds. User reviews explain how Vevox is the most intuitive tool, best customer experience and most seamless tool for hybrid meetings.

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Vevox is a much valued partner, and we use their App to support many of our most important internal corporate communication channels and outputs – it is a highly effective colleague engagement and feedback facility.

Dominic Colleague Engagement & Experience Manager - GWR (Great Western Railway)

Top rated by business communicators

with an average score of 4.8 on multiple review platforms.