Anonymous polling, quizzes and Q&A for Microsoft Teams

Engagement and interaction made simple

Engage your audience with anonymous polls, Q&A and quizzes in Microsoft Teams

How Vevox helps to create engaging and effective MS Teams meetings: 

  • Vote on polls direcly in your MS Teams call to engage all participants
  • Manage anonymous Q&A seamlessly to collect instant and honest feedback
  • Energize your audience with a fun anonymous quiz 

To find out how the MS Teams integration will work, watch our introductory webinar recording here and contact us to be notified when the integration is released by Microsoft Teams. 

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Increase interaction on MS Teams meetings and classes

Live polling

With live polling you can collect instant feedback in your Teams call... and with poll types such as word clouds, numeric or star rating, you can increase audience engagement whilst gathering in-the-moment insights. 


Anonymous Q&A

Anonymity empowers your audience to give honest, uninhibited feedback and receive questions that might not otherwise be heard. Audience upvoting encourages interaction and ensures you answer the questions that really matter. 

Live quizzing

Anonymous quizzes that will make your MS Teams calls fun, engaging and interactive. Remove fear of judgement and increase participation. The leaderboard will delight your audience and help you to see which questions are the most challenging. 

Hear what our customers have to say...

“I found that when asking questions in live MS Teams sessions, students just weren’t responding, either vocally or by using the chat, so I tried using Vevox (the Q&A board) instead. Suddenly, responses flooded in; from having no responses at all in the chat, I instantly had about half the class responding using Vevox. Student feedback indicates that many prefer to ask/answer questions using Vevox due to the anonymity it allows them. This is especially important for those students who suffer from anxiety, or just lack confidence. Vevox is therefore a powerful tool for ensuring our online teaching is both engaging and inclusive.”

Dr Christina Stanley,  Senior Lecturer at University of Chester

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It's quick and simple to now use Vevox polling and anonymous Q&A within your MS Teams calls. See how you can make the most of this integration by joining our webinar. 
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