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Measure sentiment

Sync the collective Vevox session data across your organization to your own systems to measure sentiment across all participants. Understand their mood, feelings and opinions overtime. Hear your whole organization and how they truly feel. 


Track changes over time

Get a complete overview of knowledge gaps and patterns in your organization from over a course of multiple classes or presentations. Track your overall organizational progress through BI intelligence analysis. 


Identify trends 

By importing large scales of data from your Vevox accounts to your own analytical systems, you can identify trends and patterns from different departments,  teams and education courses. 


Make informed decisions

By processing this amount of data in your analytical systems you can visualize feedback easily. This will help to make quicker decisions and have a more holistic overview of the data in your organization to make informed decisions. 


What is the Vevox data API and where can  I learn more? 

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The Vevox's Data API is a way to extract large amounts of raw data from a Vevox tenancy with high volume Vevox sessions into a CSV format.

From here, the data can be imported into your third-party intelligence software to visualize and analyze to become an integral report to understand more about your organization. This way you can connect your Vevox data in your own systems for your inspection and reporting needs to measure what is working and what is not. 

To learn more about the API, read our help article which explains more about who is it for, why you might need it and examples of how it works.

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