See why leading People and Culture Consultant Nick Jenkins feels that using Vevox has “revolutionized” his workshops! 

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Wonder was started back in 2007 by Gary Hollins and Sue Todd, and has since helped numerous top level clients across various industry sectors improve their company culture, helping businesses become the envy of their competitors.

Nick Jenkins is a People and Culture Consultant at Wonder, and Nick describes his role as being the person who ‘helps businesses become great places to work’.

Nick spoke to Sam Studd, Content Creator here at Vevox at length regarding his experience of using Vevox and how impactful it has been as a tool when he has used it with clients – this customer story will highlight the key learnings from their discussion, however you can also watch the interview that is on our YouTube channel, below:

Vevox enables people to contribute quickly and easily, and with confidence.

Nick Jenkins People & Culture Consultant

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Nick’s Vevox benefits

Nick runs workshops with various clients and will integrate Vevox into these workshops, so that whenever he wants a room full of people to contribute or provide some sort of response – he can easily run a quick Vevox poll. For Nick, Vevox is great at gathering perspectives off of large numbers of people in a way that’s both time efficient and faithful to how they want their views represented – which he says is crucially important.

Vevox enables me to capture a very wide range of thoughts and perspectives very quickly.

Nick also loves how easy Vevox makes decision making across a large group of people, and feels that Vevox is a great way od streamlining the process when a vote on something is needed.

Favourite features

Polling for instant responses

Running a live poll is something Nick will use for in the moment, quick feedback – capturing peoples thinking right there and then. For this, he will usually use open text polls and word clouds.

Post session surveys

Nick finds surveys great for receiving post-session feedback that people can complete in their own time. An example of where Nick will utilise the surveys feature, is when there are people who couldn’t attend his workshop – he will create a survey as a way for people that weren’t present to still have the ability to answer and go through the same questions or themes that were discussed in his session. 

On this, Nick explains:

I find that’s a really effective way of giving, as close as possible, the same experience without them having to be there in the moment.

Simple data manipulation

The ability to easily collate your Vevox data is another much appreciated feature that Nick finds so useful. Nick easily exports his Vevox data into an excel spreadsheet instantly, and can then manipulate the data from there, in whichever way he sees fit.

The collating of data with Vevox is so efficient – it makes it really easy for me to spot common themes or trends within responses.

Confidence to contribute through Vevox

For Nick, one of the most important things that Vevox does is enabling people to contribute quickly and easily, and in confidence.

On the impact Vevox has on engagement, Nick says:

Vevox has revolutionized the way I conduct most of my workshops! Providing an anonymous platform that allows people to share their views immediately, is an absolute game changer for me.
Vevox definitely increases and improves the level of engagement in the work that I do. The anonymity is wonderful – it provides that level of psychological safety for people.

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