Learn how using Vevox has enabled April Burns, Senior Consultant – People and Place Advisory at AECOM to increase engagement and track attendance during client workshops.

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Aecom was founded over 100 years ago back in 1910, and is now a multinational infrastructure consulting firm. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company has over 50,000 employees and in 2019, was named at number 157 on the Fortune 500 list.

April Burns is a Senior Consultant – People and Place Advisory at Aecom, and she has kindly detailed how she uses Vevox, while outlining the overwhelmingly positive impact Vevox has had during sessions she has ran – with a large focus on increasing engagement.

I absolutely fell in love with Vevox.

April Burns Senior Change Consultant, People + Place Advisory, UK&I

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April’s Vevox use at AECOM

April has been working in workplace design strategy and change across various organisations, for around 20 years. Her career has evolved over time, and now works within a really unique team at Aecom. The team she works in is split between the UK and the US, and are responsible for workplace rationalization, consolidation and portfolio optimization – and they have a very human centric focus in regards to every project that they do.

Vevox was first used by April while she was working in a previous role, and she says that since then she has taken Vevox with her everywhere she has worked. April finds Vevox to be a super useful tool and always proves a success with the nature of the project work that she does.

I absolutely fell in love with Vevox.

April loves how user friendly Vevox is, and her clients share the same sentiment and always enjoy using Vevox – she will use Vevox internally, but also with clients for things such as workshop development.

Vevox is a great tool that allows me to keep track of who is paying attention during a session, and how many people are engaging with the content.

Aprils favourite features

Word clouds to start the conversation

April loves using word cloud polls – she will use them at the beginning of a session to ask people what they are looking to get out of the workshop. She finds that participants are always really keen to engage and contribute through Vevox, with the simplicity of joining through scanning a QR code being a big contributing factor towards how happy people are to engage.

Polling within townhalls

Vevox has been used as a tool to receive feedback during company town hall meetings – an example April gave is when they moved offices, polls were run to ask what excited people the most about the new office.

Surveys for pre-session work

April has used the surveys feature within Vevox to provide people with homework before a workshop, or as a tool to get people to start thinking about the content of the upcoming session.

A survey is a really great way to get people to start to understand the topics that we will be discussing.

Anonymity provides a freedom to contribute without judgement

Anonymity is definitely a big thing when it comes to getting people to contribute and engage.

Vevox provides a safe, anonymous space for clients and participants to contribute without fear of judgement – it allows everyone to have their voice heard.

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