Run an engaging Audience Q&A with Vevox

The award-winning audience Q&A app

Vevox’s audience Q&A feature is simple to set up and use, leaving you free to focus on delivering a memorable session for all the right reasons.

Optional moderation and anonymity settings allows for a balance between giving your audience a voice whilst remaining in full control.

Participants can submit their own questions or comments, as well as 'up vote' those from others, helping you to see what matters most. Running Q&A the Vevox way means facilitating maximum participation and inclusivity without interruption.

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Q&A key features


Optional anonymity settings are the key to increasing participation in Q&A sessions. Whether you're discussing a difficult topic or simply want honest, uninhibited feedback, Vevox gives everyone a voice.

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Sort by 'likes'

Our 'Like' feature allows the audience to give a +1 to other questions or comments they agree with. Using the sort by likes feature you can display the most popular posts first, helping you to increase participation through this interaction. 

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Turn this setting on to preview all messages sent to the Q&A board and review them before publishing. Vevox's moderation feature gives presenters and facilitators complete control and therefore, peace of mind.

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