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Real-time engagement in webinars & training 

Real-time engagement in webinars & training 

Webinars and training sessions can often be one-dimensional, lack engagement and it's hard to know if anyone is truly retaining knowledge. By making your audience involved and asking them interactive questions in real-time, you can identify the gaps in knowledge and the level of engagement. Benefits of using Vevox in these sessions: 

  • Identify the most popular audience questions by sorting by likes
  • Utilise moderation and filters to have a well managed Q&A
  • Drive engagement and test knowledge through live polls, quizzes and word clouds 
  • Crowdsource anonymous questions to avoid fear of judgement
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The trusted polling and Q&A for webinars & training

The no.1 rated polling platform on Trustpilot, G2 and Capterra  

Rated as the no.1 live polling and Q&A app

Rated as the no.1 live polling and Q&A app

The most effective engagement tool for webinars & training sessions

Webinar and training engagement tools like Vevox have become vital to sparking interaction and allowing all  participants to get truly involved. 

Vevox is the highest independently rated tool for creating this engagement through features like live polling, Q&A and real-time word clouds. User reviews explain how Vevox is the most intuitive tool, best customer experience and most seamless for hybrid meetings.

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The Vevox platform is easy to use and the customer service I've received along the way has been very helpful, prompt and friendly. Great company, would highly recommend to anyone looking to make training or meetings more engaging!

Sadie Learning and OD Coordinator - British Red Cross

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with an average score of 4.7 on multiple review platforms.SSU