Attendance Tracking 

Capture attendance with ease for your classes or training sessions. Monitor learning progression today!

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Effortlessly track attendance with Vevox

Effortlessly track attendance with Vevox

Visualize your learning progression

Vevox makes attendance tracking seamless and straightforward, transforming the way you monitor participation in your classes and training. Say goodbye to manual sign-in sheets and hello to real-time, digital attendance recording. Our interactive features of polling, quizzing Q&A and more enables you to engage your learners and to see the progression of learning in your class. 

Seamless LMS Integration for attendance monitoring

Seamless LMS Integration for attendance monitoring

Integrate Vevox data into your technology suite

Integrate your Learning Management System with Vevox's participant tracking capabilities and student engagement data. Vevox seamlessly integrates with your existing LMS, providing an efficient, automated way to keep tabs on participant attendance.

  • Create digital attendance reports to create more reliable records
  • Eliminate time-consuming roll calls, seat charts or manual processes 
  • Get data insights about how attendance impacts engagement through attendance and participation scoring
  • Export attendance data and integrate with LMS like Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace and Blackboard

Dive deeper into your attendance data 

Utilize the power of your data to increase learning outcomes

Capture feedback

Collect feedback from your classes and sessions in real-time and discover what is resonating with your class. Uncover any issues or challenges that students might be facing and get in-the-moment feedback to see what your students are thinking and feeling. 


Track learning over time

See where your knowledge gaps are in your classes or training. Visualize any key areas of concern for topics or questions that students are struggling to understand. By seeing any trends in learning you can focus on the most important topics or themes to revisit to improve learning progression. 


Engagement rates

Learn who the most active students are in the class in terms of participation. By running interactive polls, quizzes, Q&A and surveys throughout your course, you can understand the overall engagement and which participants are more engaged in individual sessions. This will help you to understand which individuals might need further support. 


Knowledge checks

By running interactive quizzes and live polls in your classes, you can gauge how well students are progressing. This type of engagement feedback allows you to see where individual learning is at and how the class are doing in terms of their knowledge retention. 


Attendance Tracking FAQ's

Common questions

Yes, Vevox can track attendance over various sessions, allowing you to maintain a record over a series of classes, training sessions, meetings, or events. This way you can monitor each and every session to identify drop off rates and attendance rates over time. 

For attendance tracking purposes, some form of identifiable information is necessary. Anonymous users’ interactions can be monitored, but not specifically tracked for attendance.

Yes, participants joining late will still be marked as present and you can see the time they joined the session, and their activity will be tracked from that point onwards. 

Yes, attendance data can be exported and Vevox can be integrated with your existing Learning Management Systems for streamlined academic processes and to manage the student learning process.