Empower your audience with a Q&A app

Often presentations and internal communication meetings can become very one dimensional not allowing employees to have a chance to voice and share their thoughts.

An anonymous audience Q&A app helps to remove any barriers to collecting employee feedback and live questions in meetings, as people feel more inclined to share when the fear of judgement is removed. By giving every employee the chance to ask a live question directly from their smartphone they will feel included, engaged and more importantly like they are being listened to and their voices are heard. 

Optional moderation and anonymity gives you the right kind of balance between giving your audience a voice whilst remaining in full control. Running Q&A the Vevox way means facilitating maximum participation and inclusivity without interruption.  

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Q&A key features


Optional anonymity settings are the key to increasing participation in Q&A sessions. Whether you're discussing a difficult topic or simply want honest, uninhibited feedback, Vevox gives everyone a voice.

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Sort by 'likes'

Our 'Like' feature allows the audience to give a +1 to other questions or comments they agree with. Using the sort by likes feature you can display the most popular posts first, helping you to increase participation through this interaction. 

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Turn this setting on to preview all messages sent to the Q&A board and review them before publishing. Vevox's moderation feature gives presenters and facilitators complete control and therefore, peace of mind.

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Who are Vevox?

Vevox is the award winning audience engagement app that is used globally by thousands of recognisable brands, corporations and universities. The app can be used via the app stores or via the web app on any smartphone to vote on live polls, participate in digital Q&As and surveys. 

Vevox has been voted on Trustpilot as the highest independently rated solution for making classes, meetings and presentations unmissable. We believe that everyone deserves to be heard,
 every question counts, and ultimately... meetings and classes should be engaging, fun and interactive. 

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