Increase engagement at internal comms meetings

Engage your workforce with live polling, Q&A and quizzes

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Run an interactive Town Hall meeting with live polling and Q&A

  • Build a positive culture
  • Encourage engagement
  • Be inclusive
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Empower and engage your workforce by providing a digital channel for them to voice their feedback and to build a culture of effective communication and inclusivity. Live polling and audience Q&A creates a safe space for your employees to share their ideas, questions and to give honest feedback without any judgement or any inhibitions.

The live polling and Q&A App is also useful to you as a meeting organiser and for measuring your internal communication, as you can understand more about your workforce to find out what's important to them and get a bearing on what messages are resonating across your company. Make your next internal comms meeting unmissable with the Vevox App! 

Empower your audience with a Q&A app

Empower your audience with a Q&A app

Often presentations and internal communication meetings can become very one dimensional not allowing employees to have a chance to voice and share their thoughts.

An anonymous audience Q&A app helps to remove any barriers to collecting employee feedback and live questions in meetings, as people feel more inclined to share when the fear of judgement is removed. By giving every employee the chance to ask a live question directly from their smartphone they will feel included, engaged and more importantly like they are being listened to and their voices are heard. 

Optional moderation and anonymity gives you the right kind of balance between giving your audience a voice whilst remaining in full control. Running Q&A the Vevox way means facilitating maximum participation and inclusivity without interruption.  

5 killer questions for comms meetings

5 killer questions for comms meetings

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This guide reveals and explains the 5 most common question formats that organisations holding effective and interactive town halls use to engage their workforce with live polling and Q&A. 

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Avoid these 4 deadly sins of employee comms meetings

Avoid these 4 deadly sins of employee comms meetings


Internal comms meetings and town halls can be highly valuable and companies can reap the rewards of them, but only if they avoid these 4 deadly sins.

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About Vevox

About Vevox

Award winning and adopted by 1000’s of global corporations and universities. Vevox has established itself as a much-loved, real-time audience engagement app for the workplace and classes. 

Continuously developing Vevox to ensure it’s the sharpest tool for audience engagement, we are driven by the principles of extreme simplicity of use, unwavering quality, and the belief that everyone deserves to be heard, every question counts, and ultimately... meetings and classes should be unmissable