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Increasing engagement and getting instant feedback has never been easier. Live polls help you to measure understanding, make decisions and increase participation through interaction.

Whatever the scenario or setting, Vevox's online polling helps you to get the answers you need.

Create online polls in seconds and see the results in real time as your audience vote on any web-enabled device. It's that simple.

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Live polling apps have become an essential tool for internal communication meetings for large organisations and live lectures at Universities. Vevox is a online polling tool that is voted the highest independantly rated solution on Trustpilot and adored by customers because it's easy to use, it runs seamslessly in PowerPoint without any overlays or switching and because of the high success rate. 

We all know presenting in live situations can be daunting and stressful, so that's why we've built the sharpest and most effective polling tool for presenters to make sure it just works for you and your audience! Just read what our customers have to say about it…

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Polling Question Types

Multiple Choice Questions

Check understanding or gauge opinions by giving your audience a choice. Want to run a quiz? Use the correct answer feature in our PowerPoint polling add-in or dashboard to find out who knows the answers.

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Open text & word cloud polls

Let your audience give feedback in their own words. Open text poll answers can also be used to generate a word cloud, perfect for crowd-sourcing ideas and visualizing the most popular audience responses. 

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Star Rating Question Type

The universally recognised star rating polling type is a really quick and easy way to collect instant feedback on pretty much anything! 

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Numeric Polling

The numeric poll allows participants to enter any number within a range that you specify. Use the correct answer to see if your audience can get the correct value right!

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Live polling FAQs

How does live polling on Vevox work?

Online or face to face presenters create live polls in their Vevox dashboard or using our PowerPoint add-in. By opening Vevox’s ‘Present view’ or starting their PowerPoint slide show participants are then invited to access a web app ( on their mobile device and enter a 9-digit session ID. Live Polls will then appear instantly on their device for them to respond to, and see results.

Are there different polling options available?

Yes! Depending on which Vevox subscription you have, you can create a variety of different poll types including, multichoice, open text, word cloud, star rating and numeric.

Will live polling improve audience engagement?

Absolutely. By creating and running polls you open up a two-way dialogue everyone can contribute, and anonymity can be maintained. Your audience whether online or in person can’t help but be engaged when your polls are relevant and you’re asking for their point of view.

Can I integrate Vevox with PowerPoint?

Yes. We have developed our PowerPoint add-in which allows you to create and run polls, all from within your slide deck.

Is Vevox Free?

We offer a very comprehensive free subscription plan. We even have a specific free plan especially for educators.