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Increase interaction & visual learning 

Increase interaction & visual learning 

A perfect way to quiz your audience with images

Pin on image polls (otherwise known as clickable image polling) are great for quizzing your audience on their ability to identify parts of an image. This versatile and interactive image poll type can be used to test your audience's knowledge and to spark engagement in real-time.

The XY Plot poll is an excellent way to show relationships between two numeric variables. With a dynamic interface you can see each individual plot in the present view!

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I was looking for a solution with unlimited polling questions and a good and easy to use interface, and amongst the many options available, Vevox checked all boxes for me.

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Live polling FAQ's

Yes. We have developed our PowerPoint add-in which allows you to create and run polls, all from within your slide deck.

Yes! Depending on which Vevox subscription you have, you can create a variety of different poll types including, multi-choice, open text, word cloud, star rating and numeric.

We offer a very comprehensive free subscription plan. We even have a specific free plan especially for educators.