Audience Response System - Online and Face to Face audience engagement

Online polling, anonymous Q&A and quizzing to engage your audience whether remote or in the room

Engage, energize and entertain your audience when you use the Vevox app. If you're looking for a simple, speedy and secure way to increase participation, it has never been easier. 

Vevox’s accessibility and patented technologies place an advanced, robust and secure online polling and digital Q&A tool in everyone’s pocket. ​Whatever the situation, the risks of being the one to put your hand up – or asking for a ‘show of hands’ can now be eliminated, and for every class and meeting (whether face-to-face or virtually) all viewpoints and questions now receive consideration. ​

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No need for physical clickers or to be in the room! 

Audiences can use their own mobile phone or tablet to respond to online polls, submit questions anonymously and share feedback through self paced survey's. Vevox is audience response technology made easy for both face to face sessions and virtual meetings and classes

Using PowerPoint presentations? Try our PowerPoint integration, which lets you poll your audience and see the results WITHIN your presentation. Instant audience responses and insight at your fingertips. Thanks to our customers, we've become the highest independently rated Audience Response System (ARS) and online polling app on the market, just read the reviews!   

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Audience Response System - Live polling and Q&A for face to face and online classes and meetings

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About Vevox 

Award winning and adopted by 1000’s of global corporations and universities. Vevox has established itself as a much-loved, real-time audience engagement app for the workplace and classes. ​Continuously developing Vevox to ensure it’s the sharpest tool for audience engagement, we are driven by the principles of extreme simplicity of use, unwavering quality, and the belief that everyone deserves to be heard, every question counts, and ultimately... meetings and classes should be unmissable​.

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