12 things Star Wars can teach your business...

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Peter Eyre
by Peter Eyre
12 things Star Wars can teach your business...

Don't like Star Wars? - This is not the blog you are looking for...

Right, let's PUNCH IT

IV: Surprise people with something new and take a risk… It’s well documented that George Lucas was being pretty out there with this gritty, spiritual, space opera idea and subject to many vocal detractors. However, his timing was right, he disrupted the whole market and gained a huge legion of fans/customers.

V: It’s all about the team- Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie et al. get great results, have fun and you want to be part of their gang. They’re not perfect but they get on a mission, play to their strengths and carry each other through. It’s this camaraderie that’s at the heart of the success of the original trilogy. The prequels substituted team spirit with politics… not so inspirational or aspirational!! Trump and Johnson action figures anyone?

VI: It REALLY helps to know what people are thinking. OK, so the Jedi mind trick is beyond most of us but there are other ways. Gathering honest uninhibited thoughts and feedback at every opportunity on your products or business is vital (plug warning- the only one I promise). This is what Vevox is designed to enable organisations to do. You can make better decisions when you open the channels of communication and hear every voice.

I: Get the right talent… one ill-fitting team member can drag the whole thing down…. ‘Sorry Mr Binks, nice talking, but on reflection I’m not sure you are fit for this project.'  If only it had played out this way…

II: Don’t use technology for the sake it. Adding gimmicky technical wizardry or features just because you can might actually make a product too complicated or detract from the value to the user. Ref.- Episodes 1 to 3. (In contrast the digital Governor Tarkin in Rogue 1 is awesome)

III: Build a strong brand, and reflect it in EVERYTHING you do and produce. A strong brand can carry you through a few wobbles, and customers will tolerate the odd misfire if you’re honest with them (a theory tested to the limit by Rian Johnson!), but take it for granted and trust can quickly be lost.  Most brands wouldn’t have survived what the prequels did.

VII: Review and re-release. You can always go back and fix stuff later as technology advances or the markets demands it. OK, this might work in business- a slightly contentious issue when it comes to Star Wars. Opinions are mixed on whether ‘Special editions’ drew the right balance between optimisation and meddling… Max rebo band anyone?!

3.5: You need the plans! The rebel fleet of Y-wings and X-wings would have been no match against the Death Star and imperial ships without them. It only took 2 proton torpedoes fired by 19 year old Skywalker to blow the whole thing to dust! Additional lessons

  • 1) the competition may not be strong as they appear, small can beat big!
  • 2) A remote meeting whether by Zoom or force ghost at the right moment can make all the difference!

VIII: You can’t please ‘em all. Try to, and you risk things ending up bland and pleasing no one. Rian Johnson took risks and pushed the franchise forward accepting that it might not please everyone. Even Mark Hamill struggled with Luke’s direction to start with. The result… despite being regarded as sacrilege by some hard core fans, the Last Jedi received huge critical acclaim, is loved by many fans and stormed it at the box office.

3.?!: Make sure your product solves a real problem for your customers. Despite the brand power of Star Wars, the hype for the Solo spin just wasn't there. The problem… We already knew the ending… he’s the charismatic bad-ass that shoots first. Do we really care what made him this way?? Doesn’t an air of mystery in fact actually add to his character. We just didn't need it.

IX: Focus on serving your actual customers… the ones paying for your product.
I loved The Rise of Skywalker, it did what it said on the tin ticking plenty of boxes for me as a lifelong fan. Do I care what the critics say…? Nope. Do I expect all fans to agree it’s great…? Nope. Are enough real customers happy, paying, and shouting positive things about it for it to already be considered a huge success..? ABSOLUTELY

Follow these tips and the force will be with your business… Always…

Bonus tip for returing to the office: Eliminate thieving of company milk by dyeing it blue!

Star Wars - top meeting tips

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