AV companies are adding value with engagement apps

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Peter Eyre
by Peter Eyre
 AV companies are adding value with engagement apps

In this case study, Inceptive Technical Direction share how any meeting or event can achieve fantastic engagement levels whilst also banishing ‘death by Powerpoint’ in the process. 

An engaging way to add value

Vevox helps Inceptive provide a simple route to enhanced audience participation. Inceptive Technical Direction is an expert in audio-visual (AV) for the events industry in Australia. It therefore sits at the heart of the audience engagement revolution and after 30 years in the business, knows how to transform a dry event into a dynamic occasion.

The Challenge – Budgets shrink, but the audience wants more

“We see our role as both a pioneer and adviser, putting together personal, tailored solutions for our customers, so it’s imperative we stay at the forefront of event technology,” says Inceptive Technical Director Mark Chapman.“However for us to recommend a solution to a customer we have to be sure it will provide value as well as impact."

The Solution – Vevox, simple and affordable

Vevox wasn’t the first mobile event app Inceptive had used. Sometimes, clients would make their own choice of technology and, because of this, Inceptive had a good knowledge of the market. However, it had already worked with Lumi and knew that its audience engagement technologies such as Lumi handsets were reliable and offered multiple benefits.

Consequently, when the Inceptive team learnt about Vevox from Lumi, they were interested and knew that their clients would be too. “We wanted to deliver the benefits of a more interactive meeting without hiring on-site technicians and investing in more hardware,” says Chapman.

Vevox can be downloaded onto any smartphone or tablet or accessed via the web, so there is no need for any extra hardware. It enables everyone to answer polls, share ideas, ask questions and give suggestions from their device and then see results and answers in real-time. Because it has an optional anonymous mode, users are more likely to give their honest opinion. Also, because answers can be displayed instantly it keeps audiences interested and involved. The data it captures provides businesses with valuable insights into the views and challenges faced by those attending their events.

Results – A win-win situation

Inceptive’s clients appear to have taken to Vevox. Although it has only been offering the platform for a matter of months, “it’s easy to sell into jobs as clients seem to love it,” according to Chapman.

“They are amazed at how simply we have been able to add interaction and engagement to their events. The last time we used it was for questions from the audience. These were sent to a moderator to be screened and this gave our client the chance to gather data on who asked which question. We were also able to load the questions from this client’s previous event, which gave them a good base for their next question and answer session,” he adds.

"The ease of integration into the meetings existing audio visual setup, via the PowerPoint plugin, was also a key selling point. Its straightforward user interface gives Inceptive’s on-site technicians the ability to run message boards and polls after minimal training via Vevox’s dedicated online tutorials."

"We’ve become instant advocates of Vevox. From a commercial perspective, we now have a differentiator we can offer without the need for additional on-site staff or equipment. With clients increasingly conscious of event budgets Vevox has enabled us to provide insights and audience participation without adding to the cost of the meeting.  At the same time, it enhances our bottom line – a win-win for everyone,” he concludes.

However, like many service providers, Inceptive often finds itself in a push-pull situation. Few companies are in a position to spend money on events without being certain it will bring a good return. Yet, at the same time business audiences are expecting something more than just a presenter and a PowerPoint when they give up their time for a conference or meeting.
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