7 Top Tools for Student Assessment & Feedback

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Ben Waugh
by Ben Waugh
7 Top Tools for Student Assessment & Feedback

Evaluating student knowledge and understanding is an essential aspect of education. In the past, traditional paper-based tests and quizzes were the norm, but with the advent of digital technology, educators now have a plethora of online tools to assess and provide feedback to students. These tools not only engage students but also make the assessment process more fun and interactive.

In this blog, we will explore the top 7 tools for student assessment and feedback that can revolutionize the way you evaluate your students and improve student success. 


Formative is an online platform that allows educators to create formative assessments and track student progress in real-time. With various question types, multimedia integration, and feedback options, Formative offers a comprehensive assessment experience to track the progress of your students. It integrates  with Google Classroom and allows for easy data storage and analysis. Formative offers a range of plans, including a free basic plan, as well as premium plans with enhanced features.


Vevox is a powerful polling and live Q&A platform that can be utilized for student assessment and collecting live feedback. Educators can use Vevox to create interactive polls and quizzes to gauge student understanding in real-time during lectures or presentations. This immediate feedback allows teachers to adjust their teaching strategies on the spot and address any misconceptions or gaps in knowledge quickly. Additionally, Vevox enables students to provide feedback anonymously through polls and open-ended questions, promoting honest and candid responses. By using Vevox for assessments and feedback, educators can enhance student engagement, encourage participation, and create a more interactive learning environment that fosters continuous improvement and collaboration. You can get started today with Vevox with a free trial.


Kahoot! is a popular game-based platform that allows educators to create interactive quizzes for assessments. Students can participate in these quizzes whether in a live classroom setting or as homework. With a library of premade Kahoots and the ability to add multimedia elements, Kahoot! makes learning enjoyable. Moreover, the platform offers automatic grading, saving primary and secondary level teachers valuable time. 


Plickers is a unique assessment tool that combines a gamification features that is great for small and primary level classes. Teachers create questions online and students respond by holding up specially coded cards. By scanning the room with the Plickers app, teachers can instantly collect results. Plickers is useful for situations where students have limited access to devices. It offers features such as true/false or multiple-choice questions, sharing Plicker Packs with other teachers, and tracking student results over time. The basic version of Plickers is free, but there is a Pro version available for enhanced features.

Quizlet Live

Quizlet is widely known among students as a study tool for flashcards and games. However, Quizlet Live takes it a step further by turning assessment into a collaborative quiz game. Students work together to answer questions consecutively, aiming for a streak of correct answers. Quizlet Live offers individual mode for remote learning and provides class progress reporting to track student studying habits. It is free to use, but Quizlet Teacher offers additional features for a subscription fee.


Classkick is a real-time collaborative learning platform that allows educators to create interactive assignments, monitor student progress, and offer feedback and support. One of the unique features of Classkick is its ability to grant students access to their peers' work, encouraging collaboration and feedback. Classkick integrates with Google Classroom and offers a free basic version with premium features available for subscription.


Flipgrid takes a unique approach to assessment by incorporating video responses. Students can leave short video responses on a discussion platform, providing an opportunity for reflection and creative expression. Teachers can track student engagement and add comments to each student response. Flipgrid is free for all users, making it a fantastic tool for incorporating student engagement and feedback into the classroom.

Getting started with your chosen education tools 

These top 7 assessment and feedback tools offer a range of options for educators to engage and evaluate their students. Whether it's through gamified quizzes, online assessments, or video responses or a means to collect real-time feedback, these tools provide an interactive and personalized learning experience. By embracing technology, educators can enhance their assessment practices and provide valuable feedback to guide student progress. Explore these tools and find the perfect fit for you and your students' assessment needs.

Remember, these tools are just a starting point. Technology continues to evolve, and new tools for student assessment and feedback are constantly being developed. Test these tools out through free opportunities, reach out to their support and gather the answers you need to make it's the right tool for your classes going forward. Want to learn how to make your classes unmissable? Sign up to Vevox today to start running live polling, quizzing and Q&A in your classroom.
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