What do ChatGPT and the Commodore 64 have in common...?

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Peter Eyre
by Peter Eyre
What do ChatGPT and the Commodore 64 have in common...?

…integrating with Vevox!! 

We kid you not… at a recent Vevox hackathon several prototypes were revealed by our always innovative development team. 

Three of their solutions involved (no surprise!) integrating AI from OpenAI's ChatGPT to assist Vevox users in creating and managing their Polling and Q&A sessions. One involved running the Vevox participant response app on a 1984 commodore 64 PC! Well, the brief was to get creative…

Sadly, the 80’s throwback is unlikely to see a full product release any time soon as we continue to focus on our slightly more popular MS Teams add in

However, the first AI driven feature in Vevox is now being put through its paces by a select group of Vevox users, both saving them considerable time and offering inspiration for their meetings and classes. 

Yes, AI is THE buzzword out there right now, there’s no question though that it’s 1- here to stay, and 2- offering huge potential to make it even easier to create and manage engaging meetings and classes. We at Vevox are both excited and invested in delivering those benefits to our users. 

So, the first off the ramp is Vevox’s AI Quiz… 

Ask anyone what the toughest part of setting up an interactive quiz, meeting or class is - it's coming up with NEW questions to ask and inputting them into the system.  

Well, Vevox’s AI Quiz (integrated seamlessly within the Vevox dashboard) does just that… 

Here’s how it works: 

Users with AI Quiz simply input a subject or theme, and at the click of a button create as many AI generated questions as they like, directly in their Vevox dashboard.  

These ready to poll AI generated questions include titles, multiple choice options, correct answers and correct answer explanations. They can be edited if required and polled ‘live’ instantly. 

Prefer to run survey style self-paced quizzes? Vevox AI quiz is also embedded in the ‘Survey’ section of the Vevox dashboard. 

No research, no data entry. Just an endless supply of fresh question content on literally ANY subject. 

It really is that simple, and reactions from users seeing and trying this early version have been off the charts. Watching it rise to the challenge of creating questions about everything from Sparrows to Guns n's Roses to conference ice breaker questions has been simpy amazing!

Sound interesting? Fancy a play? 

AI Quiz (Alpha) is not yet on general release but to submit your interest to be part of our early adopter user group and trial this feature for FREE submit your details here.

(Conditions apply and free licenses are limited)