Interactive discussion with Vevox

The award-winning discussion app

Vevox gives everyone a chance to get involved and to have a voice in your discussions. Participants can share ideas, upvote comments by adding a 'like' to them and give feedback all from their own smartphone devices. 

The optional anonymous mode can be used to increase engagement and maximise participation. Whatever the scenario or setting, Vevox can help to spark dynamic and interactive discussions that leads to better decisions and understanding. 

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Discussion features


Optional anonymity settings can increase engagement and participation in your sessions. Whatever the scenario or topic, anoymity can help you collect honest, uninhibited feedback and to give everyone a voice.

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Ask your audience to send in their ideas or comments on the Vevox App and see them come in real-time. Participants then can upvote the best comments by liking them, a great way to see the most popular ideas.

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If you're concerned about any unwanted or hostile messages being sent in to your discussion, then turn on moderation to review all messages. This gives you complete control over what is displayed to your participants and what is hidden.

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