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Real-time Polling

Create and run live polls in seconds to gauge the views of your audience. Show the live poll results on Present View, through integrations or PowerPoint to increase participation and engagement. Get in-the-moment feedback and engagement

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Interactive Quizzing

Create a competitive and fun atmosphere to get your audience really excited. Live quizzes can be anonymous or identified making it incredibly easy for you to offer the best quizzing experience. Run quiz polls in seconds with our AI quiz feature. Energise and measure audience understanding today!

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Anonymous Q&A 

With Vevox, Q&A can be truly anonymous or identified, allowing you to give everyone an equal voice and the chance to be heard, whether they’re in the room or participating virtually. Gather honest, uninhibited feedback with ease. 

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Live Word Clouds

Incorporate dynamic word clouds into your educational approaches to kickstart conversations, drive brainstorming activities, or assess students' comprehension levels. Leveraging Real-time word clouds can foster a vibrant and engaging atmosphere that ignites creativity and promotes teamwork among learners.

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