Get honest feedback with Vevox surveys

The award-winning feedback tool

Vevox's self-paced survey feature allows you to ask your audience multiple questions for them to answer in their own time on their device.

Create your own bespoke survey or customize one of our ready made templates. Vevox surveys can also be imported and exported from one session to another. This way you can make the most of your survey content without the need to start from scratch each time. 

Want to maximise uninhibited feedback? No problem, simply turn on Vevox's anonymity settings to give your audience peace of mind.

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Survey question types

Star Rating

Keep your survey short, snappy and easy to complete by using our star rating question type.

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Multiple Choice

Gather feedback on whether your message has been understood and get the answers you need to inform decision making.

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Text response

Dig a little deeper and let survey respondents feedback in their own words.

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