10 reasons why universities love using Vevox...

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Joe Probert
by Joe Probert
10 reasons why universities love using Vevox...

Vevox sits as the #1 rated Polling, Quizzing and Q&A platform for student engagement globally and education pros across the world have been only too happy to share their experiences.

The stellar reviews and inspiring stories from users are not only highly motivating and helpful for our team to keep delivering on educators evolving needs, but also offer a real insight for others as to how a shift to Vevox can both simplify, and level up classroom engagement.

Check out these 10 insightful reviews from educators at universities across the United States that highlight the overwhelmingly positive impact they see Vevox having in their classes...

#1 Lewis and Clark College (Portland,Oregon): Fostering interaction with ease

At Lewis and Clark College, Vevox is recognized for its role in fostering an engaging learning environment. The platform seamlessly integrates quizzes and interactive features, contributing to increased student participation and professor satisfaction. 

#2 Texas Tech University: Making learning fun and accessible

Texas Tech University professors appreciate Vevox for its simplicity and versatility. The competition-style quizzes add a fun twist to learning, ensuring accessibility for all students. 

#3 Binghampton University: Simple tools, big impact on engagement

Binghampton University found in Vevox a simple yet effective tool to elevate classroom engagement. The platform's interactive polls facilitate open communication, turning a slow class into an engaging dialogue. 

#4 California State University Fullerton: Free plan, full features

At California State University Fullerton, even the free plan of Vevox doesn't compromise on features. Professors appreciate the versatility and functionality that Vevox brings to their in-class polls. 

#5 University of Massachusetts: A positive experience from the start

The University of Massachusetts applauds Vevox for its user-friendly interface and a positive experience right from the start. The platform's compatibility with various subjects adds to its appeal. 

#6 University of Nebraska: Exceptional customer service

At the University of Nebraska, Vevox's customer service stands out. Ethan is an awesome member of the Education Customer Success Team and his exceptional support and problem-solving skills demonstrate the platform's commitment to customer satisfaction. 

#7 University of Alaska: Training tailored to you

The University of Alaska values Vevox not only for its features but also for the personalized training experience. The platform accommodates diverse schedules, making it accessible for educators.

#8 Michigan State University: Adding a new dimension to presentations

Michigan State University celebrates Vevox for its ability to enhance presentations. The platform's interactive features contribute to a dynamic and engaging learning environment. 

#9 Cedarville University (Ohio): Flipped classroom ready

Cedarville University finds Vevox to be a perfect fit for the flipped classroom model. The platform's versatility allows professors to gauge student understanding effectively. 

#10 University of Wisconsin: Q&A made simple

The University of Wisconsin acknowledges Vevox's effectiveness as a Q&A platform, especially in large lecture halls. The ability to submit questions anonymously promotes student engagement and inclusivity. 

While each review highlights a unique part of Vevox's impact on higher education, the overarching theme is clear - Vevox is not just a tool; it's transformative for classrooms.

It's inspiring to see technology seamlessly integrate into teaching methods, creating a more interactive, engaging and enjoyable learning experience for both teachers and students alike. 

Here's to the ongoing success of Vevox in higher education, bringing innovation, collaboration, and excitement to the forefront of classrooms. 

Happy teaching! 

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