25+ tips & questions to run an unforgettable halloween quiz

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Ben Waugh
by Ben Waugh
25+ tips & questions to run an unforgettable halloween quiz

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a thrilling and entertaining Halloween quiz? Whether you're running a meeting, class, training session, virtual or in-person party, team-building event, or simply looking to have some fun with friends and family, we've got you covered with lots of tips and 20 quiz-style questions that will leave everyone screaming for more. Get ready for a ghoulishly good time!

Theme your quiz to the max!

To create a captivating Halloween atmosphere, tailor your quiz questions to up-to-date horror or halloween facts. Make sure to think about how you can add revelant imagery, videos or other elements that can add to the experience such as music too. Include topics such as horror movies, famous monsters, ghost stories, documentaries, Halloween history, and trivia about costumes and traditions. This will immerse participants in the spooky ambience and make the quiz more exhilirating! 

Mix up your questions

Variety is key to keeping participants engaged. Include different question formats such as multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks, picture rounds, music rounds or video. This will add an element of surprise and challenge, making the quiz more interactive and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Make the quiz visually appealling

Enhance the visual experience by incorporating Halloween-themed graphics, GIFs, backgrounds, and spooky sound effects. Use multimedia elements like images and videos related to Halloween to add excitement and make the quiz visually captivating. You can customise Vevox like the image in the blog header to make it feel and look how you want it to with your own imagery or by using own extensive image library. If you're running it in PowerPoint, you can use the Vevox polling add-in to run and customise polls in your own way to still make the quiz interactive. 

Offer themed prizes and incentives

Everyone loves the chance to win prizes, especially during a quiz to make it more competitive. Offer enticing rewards such as Halloween-themed gift baskets, movie tickets, sweets, a voucher for shopping or restaurants and even a trophy for the winner. This will boost motivation and engagement, making the quiz even more fun with encouraging maximum participation. 

Make the quiz interactive 

No need for hands-up style quizzes or old technology like clickers. Make your quiz interactive by incorporating live polling and real-time quiz functionality through platforms like Vevox. This way you can gather real-time responses, the scores are all done for you through the leaderboard functionality and the audience can track their own quiz progress to compare how they are doing throughout the quiz. This adds an extra layer of excitement and keeps everyone involved in the game the whole time. You can also make it anonymous or identified, depending how you want to run the quiz and what is most important to the outcomes of your session. Also by using web-based quiz apps, people can participate from anywhere if they can be in the room physically as well. 

Embrace creativity with costume contests

Encourage participants to dress up in their best Halloween costumes and hold a contest alongside the quiz. Allow the audience to vote for the best costume, or have a panel of judges to decide the winner. This adds a fun and festive element to the event, making it even more memorable for everyone. 

Add spooky surprises along the way... 

Inject unexpected surprises and challenges throughout the quiz to keep participants on their toes. This could include bonus rounds, timed-based questions with a countdown clock or even incorporating mini-games or puzzles to solve. These surprises will add excitement and anticipation to the quiz!

Engage with Halloween-themed trivia

Between questions, engage participants with Halloween-themed trivia or fun facts. Once you run a poll, add the correct answer explanation on the Vevox app and present view to reveal the context behind the answer. This gives participants the opportunity to share their knowledge and learn something new about Halloween and to add to the whole experience. 

20 must-have engaging Halloween questions for your quiz this year... 

Here are our top 20 questions to run a fun Halloween quiz or try out our AI quiz tool to remove the heavy-lifting of creating and inputing your questions into Vevox... just a couple of edits you might want to make and it's ready to run!  
  1. What date is Halloween traditionally celebrated around the world?
    a) October 31st
    b) October 30th
    c) October 29th
    d) November 1st

  2. Which classic horror movie features a serial killer named Michael Myers?
    a) Friday the 13th
    b) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    c) A Nightmare on Elm Street
    d) Halloween

  3. What vegetable do people often carve into a Jack-o'-Lantern?
    a) Pumpkin
    b) Watermelon
    c) Butternut Squash
    d) Turnip

  4. What is the popular Halloween phrase that children say before receiving candy?
    a) Halloween Spooks
    b) Trick or Treat
    c) Boo!
    d) Candy Please!

  5. Which ancient Celtic festival is believed to have inspired Halloween?
    a) Samhain
    b) Beltane
    c) Lughnasadh
    d) Imbolc

  6. Who wrote the famous novel "Frankenstein"?
    a) Edgar Allan Poe
    b) Bram Stoker
    c) H.P. Lovecraft
    d) Mary Shelley

  7. Where did the legend of the Headless Horseman originate?
    a) England
    b) Ireland
    c) Sleepy Hollow
    d) Transylvania

  8. What candy is known for its colorful, sugary coating and is often associated with Halloween?
    a) M&M's
    b) Skittles
    c) Reese's Pieces
    d) Smarties

  9. In Mexico, what holiday honors deceased loved ones and is celebrated around the same time as Halloween?
    a) Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
    b) Cinco de Mayo
    c) Las Posadas
    d) El Grito de Dolores

  10. What popular sitcom features a yearly episode called "The Halloween Heist"?
    a) Friends
    b) The Office
    c) Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    d) Parks and Recreation

  11. What is the traditional Halloween color?
    a) Orange
    b) Black
    c) Green
    d) Purple

  12. What is the Mexican candy with a spicy kick that is often given out during Halloween?
    a) Tootsie Rolls
    b) Gummy Worms
    c) Candy Corn
    d) Hot Tamales

  13. In what country did the tradition of dressing up in costumes for Halloween originate?
    a) Ireland
    b) United States
    c) Italy
    d) Germany

  14. What is the name of the iconic vampire in Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula"?
    a) Count Chocula
    b) Count von Count
    c) Count Dooku
    d) Count Dracula

  15. Which mythical creature is said to transform from during the full moon?
    a) Werewolf
    b) Vampire
    c) Zombie
    d) Witch

  16. Which American city is known for hosting the largest Halloween parade in the United States?
    a) Los Angeles
    b) New York City
    c) Chicago
    d) San Francisco

  17. Complete the traditional Halloween saying: "Double, double, toil and ____."
    a) Trouble
    b) Bubble
    c) Cauldron
    d) Brew

  18. What is the term for fear of Halloween?
    a) Samhainophobia
    b) Halloweenophobia
    c) All Hallows' Eve Anxiety
    d) Mask-teria

  19. What werewolf movie franchise became a sensation in the early 2000s?
    a) The Twilight Saga
    b) Underworld
    c) The Howling
    d) Van Helsing

  20. Which famous magician was known for his death-defying escape acts? a) Harry Houdini
    b) David Copperfield
    c) Criss Angel

Start your interactive Halloween quiz today... 

There you have it, 25+ frightfully fantastic questions and tips to make your Halloween quiz a spooktacular success and trully unforgettable. Use these questions or use our AI quiz tool to generate and program your Halloween quiz in a matter of minutes! Then you can run via Vevox to create a fun and engaging experience that will leave your participants thrilled and entertained.

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