4 of the best Slido alternatives

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Ben Waugh
by Ben Waugh
4 of the best Slido alternatives
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  1. Vevox
  2. Typeform
  3. Miro
  4. Kahoot!

Slido was one of the first market movers for a live polling and Q&A solution and became a household name for conference organisers wanting to have more engaging events.

Since then, there have been many other platforms that have also grown with large numbers of users with an ever-growing presence in the audience engagement market. Some of these platforms also offer additional unique services, benefits and features that might be suited better for your use case or organisation. 

With thousands of meetings, training sessions and classes all using an live engagement platform of some sort to interact with their audiences, it's no wonder that the market has opened up to a few more major options and tools to use within hybrid sessions. Tools that are delivering a quality experience for increasing interaction whilst making incredibly easy for both online and in-person audiences are growing traction in the market. 

Let's dive into our list of Slido alternatives below to reveal their value and which solutions perform better in certain catergories or scenarios. 

1. Vevox - #1 rated polling and Q&A platform

Although this is a little biased by having us in the list, ultimately Vevox is the number 1 rated polling and Q&A on the market today. With over 1500+ verified user reviews on Trustpilot, G2 and Capterra with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 across the three review platforms. The fact that Vevox is so highly rated by independent reviewers from top brands and organisations such as BP, Nestle, GSK and University of Oxford shows the reliability of choosing this platform as your trusted audience engagement provider. Vevox is similar to Slido in the way that you can run interactive slides and a Present View to reveal polls, Q&A, quizzes and more. Although the principal main features are the same, the way you use the platforms are different - Vevox is currently voted the #1 easiest platform to use for running a variety of poll types and a seamless Q&A session. 

Slido can excel in a live setting and it has been utilised in many event scenarios, for which many an event organiser it has been a solid option. But for other scenarios such as using a Microsoft Teams or PowerPoint integration, Vevox provides a more intuitive experience for users focusing on Microsoft presentation/meeting solutions. Whilst Vevox might not have been the first big name on the scene, they pride themselves on being the most-loved polling/Q&A platform for their user base of: internal communication pros running meetings of all kinds, L&D pros implementing workplace training and educators wanting to increase class engagement. 

Why people choose & rate Vevox #1?

  • Best overall experience 
  • Slickest product & best for ease of use
  • Best support provided 
  • Best platform for seamless integrations & features

2. Typeform - Easy to use forms & surveys

Slido does work well in a live event setting for a Q&A or running a poll but it's not really focussed on being an all-round feedback platform. It's survey functionality is not a key strength given the flexibility and intuitiveness of some other tools like Typeform. 

Typeform is one of the simplest self-paced survey tools that offers an incredible amount of flexibility and options to pull off an awesome feedback survey. One of the key selling points is that it turns surveys into conversations making it more likely to increase engagement and to collect more effective feedback. Rather than show a long-winded survey, it's slick conversation style and modern features allow you to impress your end-users whilst getting that all-important vital data. It can also be easily integrated into other platforms, websites and work standalone making it an incredibly versatile option for collecting feedback pre or post meetings. 

3. Miro - A Visual interaction & collaboration tool

Although Miro has become a well-known tool for visual collaboration for brainstorming, creating graphs and visualing group feedback together, it also has meeting engagement features in it's extensive feature list. 

Like a lot of other all-in-one platforms, Miro has become a tool that is incredibly flexible and can offer many different ways it can be used. Although it's not a like for like swap in this instance with Slido, it does offer polls, feedback meeting capture, timers, interactive presentation features that can all help to build meeting engagement and make effective decisions. Miro is this case would work perfectly for smaller to medium sized meetings/training sessions where you want to brainstorm ideas and make decisions based on visual stimuli. 

4. Kahoot! Fun and entertaining quizzes 

Whilst Slido and other audience response platforms do offer quizzing functionality, Kahoot! offers a strong complete option for fun and entertaining quiz styles. Unlike Slido, Kahoot! has a strong emphasis on education and learning, as Slido is more suited for the conferences and events space.

Kahoot! has become well-known across the globe with schools, kids and teachers for being a live tool that can turn topics into engaging quizzes. It offers pre-made content for educators to run quiz content based on certain themes, educational topics and spontaneous/general quiz questions to spark class engagement. It's focussed on being super user-friendly due to it's young target audience and it is very easy to create your own unique quiz. When it comes to quizzing in a educational space, especially for primary and secondary schools, Kahoot! is one of the major players. 

Over to you... 

It can often be overwhelming knowing what option is best for you and your organisation but hopefully this list has helped to inspire you to look at some key options in the audience engagement market. As well as think about which tool would be best for your given scenarios or requirements. Why not check out the comparison sites of G2 and Capterra for some further inspiration of the top polling and Q&A tools? 

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