5 AI tools every PowerPoint presenter needs

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Ben Waugh
by Ben Waugh
5 AI tools every PowerPoint presenter needs

Delivering engaging and visually appealing presentations has become an essential skill for professionals across all industries. Death by PowerPoint still exists today! But with so many tools available to presenters it should be a thing of the past... 

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, a variety of tools have been developed to assist presenters in creating more efficient, interactive and impactful PowerPoint presentations.

Let's take a look at the top 5 AI tools that can help you save time and look like a true PowerPoint pro! 

1. Vevox's AI Quiz Generator

Vevox is a tool that makes PowerPoint presentations truly interactive through PowerPoint polling, word clouds and quizzes. Vevox offers an AI quiz generator that can automatically generate quiz questions tailored to the topic and content of your slides, making the incorporation of interactive quizzes into presentations both seamless and efficient.

With the capability to produce a variety of question types, from multiple-choice to true/false, and word clouds. Vevox ensures that your audience remains engaged through interactive participation. This not only enhances the learning experience but also provides instant feedback on audience understanding, allowing presenters to adapt their content in real-time. Vevox's integration within PowerPoint simplifies the creation of interactive elements such as live poll, ensuring that presentations are not only informative but also dynamic and a two-way conversation. 

2. Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai provides a suite of tools to help with presentation design, using AI to help users automatically craft visually appealing slides. This tool ensures that design principles are applied to every slide including limiting too much information on slides or adjusting the formatting. The tool helps to make your presentations look professional with minimal effort. Features include intelligent templates, instant content suggestions, and the ability to adjust the visual design automatically as you add content.

3. Slidebean

Slidebean is a tool that uses AI to streamline the presentation creation process. Users just need to provide the content, and Slidebean takes care of the design element, creating sleek, investor-ready presentations. It's great for people creating slide decks for sales pitches, for pitching new ideas or for fixing PowerPoint issues. If you just want Its ability to auto-arrange content based on best design practices, then Slidebean is a strong tool for those who value efficiency.

4. Canva Presenter

While Canva is well-known for its general design flexibility to almost any design possible, its Presenter tool takes PowerPoint presentations to a whole new level. By using AI suggestions for design layouts and animations, users can transform basic slides into engaging and dynamic presentations quickly and effortlessly. Additional features include real-time virtual presentations and team collaboration. It can also instantly apply your branding to your presentations to make sure you're always adhereing to your brand guidlines.


5. Microsoft Designer

As part of the Office suite, Microsoft Designer leverages AI directly within PowerPoint. This tool provides design recommendations based on the content of your slide. It’s especially useful for those who are already using PowerPoint and want a truly integrated solution that gives them solution and fixes to their presentations without needing to switch platforms or learn another tool. 

Take your PowerPoint presentation to the next level

AI tools for PowerPoint are more than just design; they're about making effective communication simpler, making your presentations more interactive and more accessible. By leveraging these tools, you can transform a standard presentation into a powerful tool for information delivery and audience engagement.

Incorporating AI into your presentation creation process can save you time, eliminate designs or content flaws, and help deliver your message more effectively. So, next time you’re gearing up for a big presentation, consider one of these top AI tools to help you craft a truly compelling presentation. Want to try PowerPoint polling, quizzing and word clouds today? Then sign up to Vevox for free below. 

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