5 meeting types to make awesome with Vevox

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Dermott Madden
by Dermott Madden
5 meeting types to make awesome with Vevox

Vevox can be deployed to transform almost any kind of meeting (from virtual meetings to F2F and hybrid) with any number of attendees, all you need to have is a want to get everyone engaged.

Based on the activity of our network of customers, we have identified 5 types of meetings where Vevox is used very regularly… and well. 

Virtual or Hybrid Conferences: No matter the size of your audience, you can use Vevox to get everyone fully engaged in the content of the meeting. Live polling allows presenters to instantly gauge the opinions of large audiences and react to any surprising trends. Stakeholders don’t have to wonder if the audience ‘Get it’ or not, they can simply ask, which isn’t bad for measuring ROI either. Don’t stop at live polling when you have a engaged audience, the Q&A board gives conference attendees the ability to ask their own questions the moment they think of them. Q&A sessions become quicker and slicker than ever before whilst generating a greater volume and quality of content. 

Internal or Team Meetings: Make better decisions quicker by giving your meeting attendees an anonymous way to submit and challenge ideas before voting on resolutions without the hindrance reputational pressure. Whether your meeting is being hosted in a room or on Zoom or Microsoft Teams in a single virtual room with attendees spread around the world, you can be assured to get through far more and reach consensus quicker if you integrate some kind of engagement technology. 

Inclusive Corporate Town-Hall Meetings: Employee engagement is a hot topic at the moment and Vevox gives everyone in an organisation an equal voice. Whether identified or anonymous, the workforce will be able to ask the questions that are really important to them whilst giving Management honest opinions on company issues. Often referred to as the ‘silent microphone’, with a Q&A board, you can rest assured that the usual loud voices wont drown out the great ideas that those less confident employees want to share. 

Pitches: Validate your proposals instantly with targeted live polling. Allow your prospects to ask questions via messaging and encourage them to use the ‘like’ feature to vote up the questions giving you an idea of priority. Implementing engagement tools like an app will give you the confidence to subtly check your prospective client is paying attention to the elements of your pitch that you consider to be key to you winning the business. 

Virtual Meetings:  Attendees of virtual meetings can disengaged very quickly, so turn them into active participants, increasing both their engagement and role in the outcomes of the meeting. Whether using their smartphone or laptop, all attendees can offer as much as an in-room attendee. Gauge the attention of your remote audience by checking how many of them are engaging with live polling and discussion boards.  

So, no matter your meeting type or size, you can use Vevox to increase engagement and ultimately make it better!
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